(Clearwisdom.net) In November 2002, I was illegally sentenced to one and a half years in prison because I went to Beijing to appeal. Previously, in April 2001, I had been sent to Minxi Prison in Longyan City, Fujian Province and was released in April 2002.

In prison, I experienced first hand the persecution against Dafa practitioners. Dafa practitioners who were illegally sentenced and sent to the prison had to go to a particular sub unit after short-term group training. Normally the training took 3 months. Practitioners would share their experiences and practice together during training. Even though the guard would use every excruciating torture he could think of, the practitioners had no fear. So the training for practitioners was shortened to about 20 days, and the shortest one was only 9 days. Only one practitioner would be assigned to one sub unit. Two weeks after they were assigned to the sub units, the guards would start the "Three Complete Tortures", which meant being guarded for a 24-hour period and to be completely exposed to any torture for one complete week. The "complete guard" meant that the policemen would lock the practitioner individually in a small cell, even during mealtime, drinking or going to the bathroom. Practitioners were completely isolated from the outside. They would be handcuffed for the entire day and suspended, with only the tips of their toes touching the floor, and the handcuffs would get tighter and tighter. Practitioners would be stripped, and two policemen would beat or electrically shock practitioners anywhere they wanted. The policemen changed shifts every six hours and tortured practitioners for seven consecutive days and nights.

The "Three Complete Tortures" was the most difficult to endure. Practitioners would often fall unconscious. The guards would conduct the "Three Complete Tortures" every one or two months. In order to cover up their crimes, they lied to other prisoners that Falun Gong practitioners were sent to the building for meetings with their families, which had nice bedding, meat in the daily meals, and practitioners were able to enjoy themselves. They strictly blocked the information about the persecution to the outside.

The policemen had many methods to torture practitioners, including exposing them to the fierce sun (especially in the southern China, where practitioners often fainted). They "drew symbols" [A term that describes a physical method used by thieves to knock out security guards when they robbed banks.] The police tried to use this method to brainwash practitioners; however, they didn't know that this pitiful technique would not work. They would also feed practitioners to the mosquitoes by removing all the practitioners' clothes and then forcing them to stand in a half-squatting or bent over position. Practitioners had their hands cuffed and they were hung at different heights to be bitten by mosquitoes. They were also ordered to stand still in one position for a long time. In prison, practitioners were not allowed to use mosquito nets, while the regular prisoners could.

No matter how hard they tried to persecute Dafa practitioners, many practitioners faced the torture fearlessly and even upheld their belief of practicing Dafa more firmly. This is what the evil forces are most afraid of.