June 22, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) Zhang Zhuo, male, 32, graduated from the China Agricultural University in Beijing in 1991. He was an official in the Agriculture Bureau of Leshan City. He started to practice Falun Gong in 1996 and was very active in promoting Dafa. He was always smiling, polite, and well mannered.

At about 5:00 p.m. on June 7, 2002, Zhang Zhuo was arrested and sent to the Zhanggongqiao Second Police Station. On June 8, Zhang's wife was summoned to the police station where she was told that her husband was dead. Zhang's wife requested many times to see his body, however she was only allowed to take a brief look from outside the room where Zhang Zhuo's body was placed. She couldn't go into the room and take a close look. That day, the managers from Zhang Zhuo and his wife's workplaces were also called to the police station.

An insider said that Zhang Zhuo's family members were not notified to see his body until June 11. They saw his body at the crematory. They all felt that his death was too sudden to accept. They saw blood on his teeth, bruises on his face, and marks on his neck indicating he was probably strangled by a rope. Yet his facial expression was very peaceful and not frightening at all, which reminded his family of his ever-smiling face with a pair of glasses. People who were present all felt very angry and sad. The police station did not give an explanation for how Zhang Zhuo died.

Such an innocent and good person was tortured to death! Zhang Zhuo's death was not disclosed to his mother, in fear that she might not stand for this. Zhang Zhuo died in the prime of his life. His family was in deep sorrow. His son is only 6 years old.

At present, Zhang Zhuo's family members are under enormous pressure. They are being tightly monitored and they cannot receive visitors. Zhang Zhuo's family members filed a lawsuit against the persons responsible for Zhang's death. However, under the rule of Jiang's regime, where can they find justice? The details of Zhang's death are under investigation.

Anyone who knows the truth about Zhang Zhuo's death, please stand up and expose the nature of the persecution so as to promote kindness and suffocate evil. Those who follow Jiang to persecute kindhearted people cannot escape punishment.