On July 20, over 1200 Falun Gong practitioners from areas south of Yulin County including Taichung and Penghu counties held a series of activities including the photo exhibition, "Journey of Falun Dafa", a march and a candlelight vigil by a thousand people to commemorate July 20.

Clarifying the truth to people visiting the photo exhibitionSending forth righteous thought before the march
Young Dafa practitioners in the marchCandlelight vigil. The words in the front read "Falun Dafa is good"

At 8am, the Journey of Falun Dafa Photo Exhibition in the Chongcheng Cultural Center opened the series of activities. Over 80 photos documented and displayed the growth of Dafa around the world and the truth of the persecution. Visitors' attentive expressions showed their kind nature. Countless people were deeply touched.

Between 3:30 and 5:30pm, accompanied by a beautiful Falun float, a thousand people marched solemnly. Along the route practitioners demonstrated Dafa exercise and sang Dafa songs to show the beauty, serenity and purity of Dafa. Kaohshiong city councilor Jian Jincheng sent dozens of boxes of spring water to express his support to Falun Gong.

At 7pm, the 7.20 [July 20] Candlelight Vigil was held to commemorate the magnificent feats of Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China, who uphold the truth even at price of sacrificing their lives. Many elected officials gave speeches to express their understanding and support to Falun Gong.

Bright moonlight reflected on practitioner's compassionate faces; candlelight showed their solidarity in Dafa. Through these activities we hope to awaken the sentient beings and raise the voice of justice together: Stop killing Falun Gong Practitioners, Stop this persecution!