In April 2002, four or five police broke into the home of Zang Yuxia, a Falun Gong practitioner in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province and began to search her home without a warrant. When they failed to find anything valuable to confiscate, the police forced Zang Yuxia into the police car without even giving her a chance to put her shoes on. They also kidnapped her child, a non-practitioner who was home for the weekend. The police kept Zang Yuxia and her child under police custody and tortured them using all conceivable means. In just one month, Zang Yuxia's face became deformed from the torture. In addition, she had such a high fever that she remained unconscious for a very long time. One can draw a mental picture of the severity of the persecution from these two photographs. (Note: the photographs were taken on May 19, while Zang Yuxia was unconscious.)