(Clearwisdom.net) Right before the 2001 Chinese New Year (January 24, 2001), police broke into my home and took away all my computer equipment and Dafa materials, and put me into a detention center. According to internal police reports, I was the first to be arrested for producing copies of truth-clarification CDs, and I could have been sentenced for at least 7 years. During my stay in the detention center, there were some tribulations that I didn't pass well, but under the compassionate care of Teacher Li, I managed to leave the detention center after 20 days.

After going back home, my spouse tried to ask the police station to return our confiscated computer equipment, and even I was eager to do so. But even though my spouse asked many people for help, she was not successful. At the time I thought that as a Dafa practitioner, I should validate Dafa and get back my computer openly and with dignity. So I decided to talk to the head of the police station myself.

Before going to the police station, I sent forth righteous thoughts. I went to the police station, but nobody was there. I thought that it might be that the evil was afraid and dared not meet with me. Several days later, I tranquilly sent righteous thoughts again, and wished for Teacher to arrange for them to be there. I went to the police station again, and the chief was there. So I began clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa and the persecution to him. I told him of the abuses we suffered, and asked him to return my computer. After listening to me, he agreed. Several days later, I again went to talk to the policeman responsible for holding my computer equipment. The officer wanted to hold on to my computer for one or two more months. I left and sent forth righteous thoughts once more and then went to the police station a third time. This time, the policeman sent my computer to my home in his police car. All this showed the power and dignity of Dafa. Later on, people I related the story to said that what had happened was "unbelievable."

July 6, 2002

Note: I hope that fellow Dafa practitioners will write articles sharing the effects of your righteous thoughts, your righteous enlightenment, stories, experiences or lessons, so all Dafa practitioners can share and make progress together.