(Clearwisdom.net) After I just finished the last lecture of the semester, I was about to leave the school when a student hurriedly caught up with me at the elevator and said, "Teacher, here is something I wrote for you," and then gave me a letter. I walked down the road, opened the letter, and started reading it. Tears streamed down my face while I read:


Among all the teachers I know, you are the one who gained my utmost respect.

I remember, during our classes, from time to time, you would tell us the way we should conduct ourselves: without desires, without pursuits, without selfishness, and being benevolent. Every time you talked about it, I was deeply moved. As human beings, we should possess hearts that are kind and unselfish. We should be honest and give our love to everyone and to everything that is good. Only by doing that, can we be happy. When you told us stories that reflect your philosophy, I felt that my soul was somehow purified and elevated.

Teacher, it was because of this that I am truly grateful to you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

Last time at the end of class, you said, "No matter what happens, I will not leave you of my own initiative." I was surprised upon hearing that. I don't know what bad things have happened. I understand that, as an individual student, my power is small and I am not able to give you much help. However, I would like to say, "Teacher, everything will soon pass and I support you!"

Yours truly,

June 27, 2002


This is the rest of the story: During class I discovered that many of my students were deceived by lies and would just copy the propaganda found in the newspapers and on the radio which defame Dafa and Teacher Li. I felt pain in my heart upon seeing this. Therefore, I used the wisdom bestowed by Dafa to arouse their kind thoughts during my lectures. At the end of last semester, I used the last lecture to tell my students the truth about Falun Gong. I spoke to them with a kind heart and a peaceful tone and they listened very attentively. They raised questions about points that they didn't quite understand. I covered the topics from the "April 24th event" to the Tiananmen "self-immolation," from the "1,400" cases to the fact that Dafa has been spread to more than 50 countries and has won over 600 awards worldwide. I spoke the truth and at the same time answered their questions. That resulted in very good responses.

After the class some students said to me, "Teacher, you are terrific!" Some said, "Teacher, I really admire you!" while some others said, "Teacher, aren't you afraid? Men's hearts differ just as their faces do. You should be careful." Later, someone indeed reported it to the school. With righteous thoughts and righteous belief in Teacher Li and Dafa, I passed all the tests and I am still working as a teacher, a job which I really enjoy. Someone who knew about the situation told me privately that my students like me very much. Even the ones who reported me to the school also said their teacher was really good and they just did not want me to be endangered outside the school, so they came to ask the school to restrain me.

This semester, I took the examples of recent natural and man-made disasters and told the students the principle that "if the officials do bad things, even the common people there would suffer from it." A student again reported that. At that time, the pertinent officials in our school threatened me a couple of times, saying that they would send me to the police station and would even search my home. I was a little nervous at that moment but I also wanted the students to know the truth. Therefore, I told the students at the lecture, "No matter what happens, please remember, I would never leave you of my own initiative." My students responded with surprise and an expression of not being willing to say goodbye to me. I, however, spoke to them with a firm tone, "Nevertheless, this kind of thing shouldn't happen and will never be allowed to happen. You just be at ease. I will be fine."

I don't know who reported me but I knew from which class the report came. I spoke to the students in that class, and said, "I believe someone did it with kind intentions. However, the way you did it was not correct. No matter who among you did that, please remember, I will never have grievance or resentment. I still have nothing but love for you."

Later, my students found out what happened, and that led to the scene that took place at the beginning of this article. After reading the letter, besides being moved, I was also encouraged by the kindness and justice in people's hearts.