(Clearwisdom.net) Under the false pretexts of "drills" and "re-education", the Hubei Shayang Forced Labor Camp forces Falun Gong practitioners into a continuous condition of exhaustion and distress. The police at the camp persecute Dafa practitioners both physically and mentally, and relentlessly try to coerce practitioners into giving up cultivating "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance."

The so-called "drill" is to force one to constantly walk, run, stand or squat for a long period of time. Those who don't do the movements to their standard are rebuked and forced to do the "frog jump" (jumping while squatting with both hands holding the head). Or, they may also be forced to constantly do "stand and squat," push-ups, "raise the legs high," "squat down" (with feet apart, only tips of the toes touching the ground, the body sits upright on the heels, arms extended to the front and resting on knees). These movements make some Dafa practitioners feel sick and dizzy and cause them to vomit, yet they still have to keep "drilling" until the police are satisfied. Some Dafa practitioners' feet become swollen, making it very difficult to walk. The order to "drill" was even forced upon a practitioner whose legs had been beaten by the police so severely that he couldn't walk for months. During the running "drill," the police will order several "camp helpers" (people who are doing forced labor because of drug abuse, stealing, fighting, etc.) to take turns dragging and pushing Dafa practitioners. When they become tired, another team of "camp helpers" replaces them. Because of severe beatings, one Dafa practitioner's legs couldn't bend normally; while running, his legs and feet were rigid, and therefore he was dragged and pushed continuously until he lost his balance and fell to the ground. Moaning with pain, his clothes were soaked with sweat and mixed with dirt. The "camp helpers", with no conscience, had no remorse or compassion and instead made fun of him and laughed at him loudly. The reason that the "camp helpers" persecute Dafa practitioners so wholeheartedly is that they gain penalty reductions in exchange for assisting the labor camp police.

Back in the prison cells the "camp helpers" continue torturing Dafa practitioners. They force Dafa practitioners to sit on the edge of the bed, with the body straightened and head up, both arms extended straight and resting on the knees, both legs together and vertical to the floor, staring forward. In this position, practitioners are not permitted to move, and are forced to recite labor camp regulations and team discipline. After maintaining this posture for a long time, one's whole body becomes very painful. However, if one wants to move a little bit or even to cough, one would need to report it ahead of time; otherwise the practitioner is sworn at or receives corporal punishment, or will be reported as "not obedient," and suffer heavier corporal punishment during the "strict discipline" at night. The labor camp police do not intervene even when they see the "camp helpers" torturing Dafa practitioners like this, and their tacit acceptance makes the "camp helpers" persecute the practitioners even more severely and without restraint.

If one wants to go to the bathroom, one has to wait until they arrange for the whole cell to go together. Even worse, they constantly urge you to get up as soon as you squat down. At night, unless it is confirmed that a person has a stomachache, no one is allowed to use the bathroom. Once, a Dafa practitioner was considered to be taking too long when using the toilet, and he didn't even have a chance to use toilet paper and to fasten his pants before he was dragged by a "camp helper" from the toilet to the hallway to look for a police officer. The officer's response was that the Dafa practitioner should receive corporal punishment for "failing to obey every command."

After the "drill", the prison forces Dafa practitioners to undergo brainwashing - to watch videotapes slandering Dafa, to listen to the collaborators' [former Falun Dafa practitioners who have renounced the practice under extreme mental and physical persecution] reports, and to recite "camp regulations and team disciplines" and so on. Whoever is "not earnest" or does not applaud is dragged outside and punished or shocked with electric batons. An elderly Dafa practitioner was shocked with electric batons many times because he didn't applaud, to the point that his hands were swollen. They also punish practitioners by forcing them to stand still for a long time in the name of "educational talk", and do not allow practitioners to go to sleep at night. In one such "re-education" meeting a policeman even shouted, "This is the place where people die, we are not afraid of people dying." They force Dafa practitioners to accept "re-education through forced labor" as part of the program of "labor education and rehabilitation". Whoever does not accept it is handcuffed with one hand behind the back and with one over the shoulder, is kicked down to the ground and shocked with electric batons. Even at this very moment, Dafa practitioners, male or female, are suffering all kinds of torture in the Shayang Forced Labor Camp.

We hope that kind-hearted people will clearly see the evil nature of the persecution perpetrated by Jiang. They live in fear of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" and are persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. We hope that everyone will step forward and help to end the persecution.