July 20th Gathering in Dublin, IrelandA member of the Ireland Falun Dafa Association gives a speechMember of Parliament Mr. Joe Hagens gives a speech
Dr, Chris Neilson from Irish Foundation for Survivors of Torture gives a speechSenator Mr. David Norris gives a speechFalun Dafa practitioner Zhao Ming gives a speech
Communications Manager Mr. Brian Dooley from Amnesty International, Irish Chapter, gives a speech Reading out a message from Member of European Parliament Ms. Patricia McKinney Senator Norris participates in the parade
A supporter in a wheelchair Parade procession Parade procession
"Falun Dafa is good" A Dafa practitioner along with a representative from Amnesty International, Senator Mr. David Norris and the President of Student Union at Trinity University go to the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs to deliver an appeal letterDafa practitioner and representative of Amnesty International read aloud the appeal letter to the Chinese Embassy and deliver the letter with signatures, but no one came out to accept the letter