Case 1: Liang Zingli, a resident of Yongqiang Village, Chaoyang Town, Zhaozhou County, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province

On July 22, 1999 I went with others to the provincial government to appeal. The police arrested us and confined me in the municipal stadium. After I was released, I went to Beijing with fellow practitioners for a peaceful appeal. On our way back, the police arrested us and took us to the Tianjin Police Branch Office for a few hours of interrogation before they released us.

On September 24, 1999 I was in the middle of housework when the head of Chaoyang Town Police Station, Gao You, came to my home. I fell into the trap of his lies and went with him to the police station. Liu Piren, the captain of the police station, kept striking me in the chest with a boot and kicking me on the chin. After he thought he had done enough beating, he transferred me to the Zhaozhou County Detention Center, where I was illegally detained for fifteen days.

On October 22, 1999, I went to Beijing again with fellow practitioners for another peaceful appeal. Somehow the Zhaozhou County police found out about our trip. They flew to Beijing and arrested us there. When we were brought back to Zhaozhou County, we were detained for fifteen days at the police station. After that, we were transferred to the Zhaozhou County Detention Center. The police and the inmates brutally beat us for hours, until our lips were cut and torn. Later, the wounds began to fester. The abuse continued until we were finally released on December 1, 1999. Moreover, they made my family pay 1,000 Yuan as a deposit before they released me. [Average annual income is about 6,000 Yuan per person in urban areas and less than 2,000 Yuan in rural areas.]

On June 21, 2000, I went to Beijing for the third time with fellow practitioners for another peaceful appeal. This time, I was brought back by Gao You, the head of the Chaoyang Town Police Station. In the car ride back to Chaoyang, Gao You venomously insulted Teacher, Falun Dafa, my fellow practitioners, and me. He sent us directly to the Chaoyang Town Police Station, where the assistant secretary of Yongqiang Village violently slapped me in the face at least 30 times. After that they transferred me to the Zhaozhou County Detention Center. They put shackles on each of us. The police there made a special leather whip with a sharp end in the shape of a triangle. They whipped some fellow practitioners until they were covered with blood, but the torture did not end there. The police put heavy shackles (tens of pounds each) around the necks of the Falun Gong practitioners and handcuffs on their wrists. Then they ordered the criminal inmates to beat the practitioners some more.

Later, we were transferred to a brainwashing center. Because we would not renounce Falun Gong, a policeman named Dong Daping announced that he would send us to a forced labor camp. He made us parade in the street to intimidate the rest of the villagers. Then he sent us back to the Zhaozhou County Detention Center. Several days later we were transferred to Daqing City Forced Labor Camp, without due process of law, for one year of labor re-education.

Daqing City Labor Camp was a living hell. Fen Xi, a policeman there, had beaten to death a Falun Gong practitioner named Wang Bin. Fen Xi ordered the inmates to beat us and made sure that we performed extremely harsh physical labor. I was severely hobbled and lost four toenails because of the physical labor. Despite these injuries, I was forced to carry dirt with a carrying pole on my shoulder. In addition, the police devised a way of torturing us with ropes. They tied us to a clothesline in the nude for over an hour in the winter.

On July 17, 2001 we were released from the forced labor camp after our persistent protests. However, just after we were released from the labor camp, the Chaoyang Town police immediately arrested us again and sent us to the Chaoyang Town Detention Center for additional abuse. It wasn't until December 19, 2001 that I was finally released for good.

Case 2: Wang Fenliang, a 50-year-old female employee and tenant at the Second Oil Refinery of Daqing City

On April 14, 2000, I went to Beijing to appeal. To appeal is a right that the Chinese Constitution has given me, but I was arrested for exercising my right. I was arrested by Daqing City police and transferred to Daqing City Detention Center for ten days of detention. Moreover, they took 5,000 Yuan from me by force as a guarantee deposit that I would not appeal again, and an additional 1,000 Yuan as a penalty paid to the "610 office." [A bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches.] I returned to the police station later to ask for my money back, a request met with ridicule and cursing. In addition, the Second Oil Refinery in Daqing City suspended my wages for six months.

On June 18, 2000, the Daqing City Police Station arrested me while I was practicing one of the Falun Gong exercises and transferred me to Zhaoyuan County Detention Center for 40 days of detention. Next, I was detained for another 15 days at the Daqing City Honggan District Detention Center, where I was verbally and physically abused by Cha Caisen and Yu Changjun. After I was released, they continued to harass me over the phone and in person. They also put me under close watch. I have lost my freedom, even if I'm no longer physically in jail.

In April 2000, the Second Oil Refinery extorted 1,000 Yuan as a fine to be paid to the "610 Office." In June 2000, Zhaoyuan County Detention Center extorted 400 Yuan from me. In August 2000, Honggan District Detention Center extorted another 175 Yuan from me.

Case 3: Li Xiufan, a female resident at a small farm in Zhaozhou County, Daqing City

Since July 20, 1999 Zhu Baoku, the head of the farm, often came to my home to insult Falun Dafa, Teacher, and me. Sometimes he would even strike me in an attempt to make us renounce Falun Gong. Because we refused, he locked us inside a school and would not let us go home for food. Later they forced us to attend brainwashing sessions. My son refused to cooperate, so they detained him in a jail cell for 26 days. A month after he was released, the court demanded my son to pay a fine for "obstruction of justice." After they collected the fine, they continued to restrict our freedom to visit friends and family. Zhu Baoku extorted 1,830 Yuan from us.

Case 4: Zhang Yifu, a 32-year-old male resident at a small farm in Zhaozhou County, Daqing City

Since July 20, 1999, Zhu Baoku has searched the home of each Falun Gong practitioner in order to intimidate us, hoping to make us renounce Falun Gong. He threatened, "Renounce Falun Gong, or else!" He searched for and destroyed Dafa books, and also restricted us from visiting each other freely. Later he locked us inside a school and would not let us go home for food. They dragged us around by our hair and beat us until we were rolling on the floor in pain. Then he sent us for brainwashing sessions, where we weren't allowed to sleep. As soon as we closed our eyes, they would beat us. They tortured us at the brainwashing center with every conceivable means. In 2000, I went to Beijing to validate the Fa. All it took was to say, "Falun Dafa is good" for me to be severely beaten by the police at Yenqin County Detention Center.