1. In a place in Northeast China, one assistant commissioner of a police station ordered his subordinates in private to return the so-called bail worth $2,000 Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan] that was extorted from Dafa practitioners.

2. One Dafa practitioner clarified the true facts of Falun Gong to an old man who made a living by repairing bicycles. When he brought up the staged "self-immolation", the old man said, "I was a policeman once. I already found gaps in the 'self immolation' case." One day, this Dafa practitioner wanted to fill his bicycle tires with air. The old man said, "It's free to you to fill your tires." After he finished filling his tires, this practitioner put the money on the counter anyway and felt glad for the old man.

3. One Dafa practitioner is a university lecturer. The local police station said they had to arrest him. Within a week, he was going to participate in the graduation ceremony. The Dafa practitioner bravely faced the danger of being arrested, and he continuously examined the graduation certificates, signed his name on the certificates earnestly, until all the students graduated smoothly. Afterwards, the students who knew the truth said, "Teacher, you are really great, under such circumstances you still did not abandon us."

4. In a branch of the agricultural development general bureau in Heilongjiang Province, two people who were not Falun Gong practitioners watched the truth-clarifying VCD of Falun Gong at home and were kidnapped by the authorities. One person heard about this and went to the place where those two people were detained and asked the supervisor of the two people who were kidnapped, "You cannot always do such things. I know the people who practice Falun Gong, they are all good people. You should ask them to return the two people who watched the truth-clarifying materials. " After hearing these words, the supervisor asked to release the two people on the same day.