July 8, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) I was illegally arrested at Meng Village on June 14, 2002 and that night I was sent to Yanshan County Police Department. Jia and Liu, two section chiefs from Cangzhou City's National Security Division, and a policeman whose last name is Wang, interrogated me under torture. These are the same policemen who had previously tortured Dafa practitioners Cheng Rulin, Yang Quanli, Guo Hanpo, and others. They wanted to find and arrest those Dafa practitioners from Meng Village, Huanghua County, and Yanshan County who were forced to stay away from home.

In order to force me to tell them where the truth-clarification materials came from and where the fellow practitioners were staying, the vicious policemen brutally beat me. They kept beating me on my arms, shoulders, hips and legs with rubber batons. Wang Wenping, a policeman from Yanshan County, grabbed my hair and struck my head against the ground, a sofa and the floor. He pulled me up and threw me down. My hair was pulled out in tufts. The torture made me very weak. I had no physical strength and lost control of my bowels and bladder three times.

After that night, they took turns torturing me and prohibited me from sleeping day and night. They forcibly cuffed my hands behind my back (with one hand from above the shoulder and another from the lower back), shocked me with electronic batons, pierced my fingertips with toothpicks, poked my ribs with pens, burned my wrists and toes with lighted cigarettes that caused blisters on my toes--and there were over 24 burned areas on my wrists alone. They also hit my cheekbones with screwdriver handles, not to mention the routine slapping of my face. A policeman used the photos of Master Li to wildly slap me on my face and head. During the beating, they also swore at me with extremely dirty words. They said that if I did not confess to their satisfaction, they would take off all my clothes and throw me into the cells of the male inmates.

They used all kinds of methods to torture me. Once, they covered my head with a galvanized iron bucket, sealed the bucket up with a towel, and then hit the bottom of the bucket with batons. I could hardly breathe while enduring the deafening noise. They kept abusing me this way for over 20 minutes. Before the torture, they had bragged that no one could endure this kind of treatment for more than several minutes. Another time when they felt that piercing my fingertips with toothpicks could not vent their anger, they asked a policeman to go to find a box of thumbtacks to press into my face. This policeman went out for a while and then came back, saying that he could not find any thumbtacks. Later, he told me that it was not true that he could not find thumbtacks; he just could not bear to watch them torturing me any more. They tortured me this way for six days and nights, and during that period I was not allowed to get any sleep. I always confronted the vicious policemen with my righteous thoughts. I went on a hunger strike and refused to eat or drink. I never cooperated with them.

During that period of time, Yanshan County Police Department personnel also illegally arrested a female Dafa practitioner whose last name was Li, and she was detained in a nearby office. Wang Wenping took charge of interrogating her. I often heard the beating and extremely dirty curse words coming out of that office. These days the office building of Yanshan County Police Department has been turned into a place for torturing Dafa practitioners in excruciating ways.

When I was sent to Yanshan County Detention Center, the torture had distorted my appearance beyond recognition. There were wounds all over my body. My hands, feet, arms, shoulders, hips and legs were all swollen and my face was deformed. I could not walk. I could not even go to the toilet without help. Seeing me in this state, all the female inmates in the cell cried. They asked me what crimes I had committed and why the policemen were so cruel. I told them that I was a Falun Gong practitioner and had committed no crime. People of the world know that we Dafa practitioners who cultivate ourselves to be good persons are innocent! When we are framed with fabricated lies and persecuted for no reason, it is not a crime for the practitioners to step forward to clarify the truth, safeguard the heavenly principles, and appeal for justice! Why is a government afraid of its own people speaking the truth? How many Dafa practitioners in China have been illegally arrested, beaten, detained, and killed through torture? People with clear minds can easily tell who is right or wrong, and who is kind or evil.

In the detention center, I continued my hunger strike in protest of the persecution. Yanshan County Police Department officials, instead of punishing the lawless policemen, tried to block the information of my torture. They force-fed me and prevented my family from seeing me. All kind-hearted guards and inmates secretly condemned those policemen who had tortured me. A female inmate expressed that she would definitely learn Falun Gong after her release. A male inmate secretly wrote me a note, "I will forever remember 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance' and 'Falun Dafa is good!'" I was really touched. Some detention center guards also called the city police department many times to report the severity of my injury and my extremely weak state of health. They had also informed Yanshan County Procuratorate of my health condition. The procurator sent some persons to check my injuries; they made detailed records and were very indignant. These people's righteous actions forcefully struck back at the evil. On June 28, my condition suddenly deteriorated and my life was in peril. I was sent to the Shoupu Hospital for emergency treatment. Later, to shirk responsibilities, the policemen asked my family to take me home. However, the police threatened that I must report to the police department whenever they called me, and that I better not run away; otherwise, they would take me back.

I learned that the fellow Dafa practitioner whose last name is Li is still detained. I hope that all fellow practitioners who read this article send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evils in other dimensions.

Some telephone numbers of Yanshan County Police Department:

Yang Jianzhong, Director and head of the lawless criminals, 011-86-317-6225106 (office)

The police department office, 011-86-317-6221026

Wang Wenping, a policeman from the National Security Division, 011-86-317-6222712 (office)