(Clearwisdom.net) The following text is the statement and defense of a wrongfully sentenced practitioner in a Chinese court.


"First I want to clarify that I am no criminal. I am a Dafa practitioner. What I did was to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa, to correct the mistakes made by the government, and to remove the poisoned thoughts from people's minds. If there were no suppression of Falun Dafa, we would not have to clarify the truth. It is Jiang Zemin who uses the government to suppress Falun Dafa, regardless of our national constitution. Under this suppression, numerous Dafa practitioners are being subjected to brutal persecution, even losing their lives. We are Dafa practitioners, benefiting from cultivation practice. We deeply understand that Falun Dafa is the real Buddha Law and the universal truth. However, we are forced to lose everything by the government. Without any concern for our own interest or advantage, we use our lives to safeguard the truth, to resist the evil, and to offer salvation to all human beings.

What we are doing is most magnificent and sacred. No matter how hard the government tries to arrest us, our Dafa conferences will resume; our printing machines will go on printing Dafa materials; we will continue handing out Dafa fliers and our radio stations will never stop broadcasting the truth about Falun Dafa. For the past three years, we have never stopped clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa. The magnificence of the Buddha Law is revealed. The righteous will never be overwhelmed by the evil. Nothing can stand in the way of Fa-rectification. Fa-rectification is not done by any human power. It is the demonstration of the great power of Falun Dafa in the minds of all practitioners and in the human world.

Therefore, to arrest us will never discourage us from clarifying the truth. To beat us cannot destroy our will. Our determination and firmness will not be overwhelmed by any human organization. Though we were arrested, we clarified the truth of Falun Dafa. Though we are standing here on trial, we are noble because we use our lives to keep our promise; our lives coexist with Fa-rectification. You do not decide what is right or wrong, but time and history will prove everything. The Heavenly truth will be revealed to all of us in the near future."

My Defense

"Though I stand here on trial, I am not a criminal. I am standing here as a Dafa practitioner. I feel inviolable sacredness and dignity in my mind. Nothing can change Dafa practitioners' firmness and righteous thoughts. No force can overwhelm the grand righteousness of Dafa practitioners.

During this morally corrupt age, it is the mercy of Buddha to introduce again the Buddha Law, that is Falun Dafa, to humans, offering a final chance to mankind. This should have been a generous hope cherished by humans. However, for his purpose of doing evil, Jiang has used the country, the government, propaganda, and his dictatorship to subject Falun Dafa and our Honorable Master to the most brutal persecution. Numerous practitioners have been arrested, beaten and even tortured to death. Many more were left homeless with their families broken. The fabrications and deceitful lies blinded countless people to the truth, and they lost their original, beautiful nature. So, those ignorant people committed unforgivable crimes. Many people are still fooled, remaining unawakened to the immediate retribution of good and evil.

Jiang has already become the biggest sinner of history. Jiang is using all possible means to poison the thoughts of people and to destroy human beings. Those blind to the truth still pander to Jiang for their own interest and advantages. They smear Dafa, slander the Supreme Buddha, and persecute Dafa practitioners. Their evildoing has angered Heaven and Earth. Through cultivation practice, Dafa practitioners are enlightened beings. To clarify the truth of Dafa and to offer salvation to those blinded by deceitful lies, we give up our possessions. With our righteous belief in Dafa and compassion for humans, we are performing magnificent deeds to safeguard Dafa. Some practitioners were arrested, others were beaten, and still others were tortured to death. Many practitioners just barely keep themselves fed, walking in their worn out shoes, handing out information materials to thousands of families and posting Dafa fliers on every street corner.

We are the disciples of the Supreme Buddha and are not fearful of death. What we do is not political, nor are we an organization of everyday people; we are simply clarifying the truth. What we do is the great performance of divine beings, capable of moving Heaven to tears. When history turns this page and all evil people are eliminated, you will see the greatness of our deeds, the magnificence of Dafa, and the mercy of the Supreme Buddha. The ignorant people under the control of evil laugh at us and say, "Why hasn't your Fa rectified everything yet?" At that historic moment when Jesus was crucified, people mocked him, "Aren't you able to redeem people? If you could get down from the cross, we would believe in you." Jesus said that He would come to life three days later. But at that time, who believed in Him? Miraculously, Jesus came back to life three days later. But those who sinned are still paying for their foolishness and ignorance.

After taking a glimpse at the historic past, now let's return to the present. Out of ignorance, some people consider Dafa practitioners to be obsessed. If the supernormal power of Dafa is revealed to humans now, what would happen to these ignorant beings? My mind is full of sympathy and regret because persecuting Dafa and sentencing practitioners to prison is the shame of all Chinese and the sin of human beings. People will pay for their ignorance, and walk their own paths based on their previous wrongdoing. One thought can decide their future. I hope you can think about your own future. Because of some predestined relationship, we come to you and tell you the truth of Dafa. Falun Dafa is the genuine Buddha Law, offering salvation to all beings. Why isn't our Fa-rectification finished? This is because of Dafa's compassion for all humans. Why are Dafa practitioners still under persecution? This is because we are bearing everything for all of you while suffering from the persecution. Among your confusion and bewilderment, we await the moment when you will think of Dafa in a positive or righteous way. Not fearful of death, we stand up and clarify the truth. To awaken your conscience and to reveal truth and righteousness to you, we are under brutal persecution and losing everything.

Human beings, wake up from your ignorance! It is the great mercy of the Supreme Buddha to leave the Buddha Law to everyone. The purpose of human life is to return to one's original, true self. The meaning of Dafa practitioners' lives is in clarifying the truth of Dafa. We coexist with Dafa. We wish that you could cherish this last chance to decide your future position. Whatever you do, you will have a beautiful future as long as you wake up to your conscience.

Finally, I want to tell you solemnly that Dafa and Dafa practitioners are innocent. Do not aid the tyrant in his tyranny any longer. Restore the reputation of Dafa, to our Master, and to all practitioners. Release all the innocent practitioners who have been arrested, detained, sentenced, and sent to labor camps. Seriously punish the evil ones who are persecuting Dafa practitioners and promptly stop this persecution.

Falun Dafa is good.

My Hope

The sun has have been shrouded by dark clouds for some time.
The beams of truth will penetrate the darkness.
Unshakable is my determination, never-degenerated my firmness.
Words of truth will last until eternity.
Only the body, not the mind, is imprisoned in the cell.
The twinkling stars in the sky reflect the purity of my mind.
Not fearful of any trial or penalty,
I hope that all beings can be redeemed.