1. The forced labor camp repeatedly sent people to push practitioners to give up their practice, forcing them to write statements renouncing their belief.

2. Practitioners were forced to watch slanderous videotapes over and over again. The contents of the videos were clearly fabricated, or filmed with actors or practitioners acting under the pressure of threats and deception. After viewing the videos, practitioners were forced to write statements of repentance.

3. Practitioners were deprived of sleep for up to 17 days, forced to transcribe slanderous materials, and to perform "labor duties," extremely arduous tasks that can never be finished. The practitioners were pushed to the brink of their endurance by the sleep deprivation, intense pressure and physical abuse. They developed abnormal symptoms on their heads, eyes, hands, feet, and all over their bodies. Despite losing control over their bodily functions, they were not allowed to sleep for even a moment. Practitioners looked aged, badly hurt, exhausted in a short time.

4. Criminals were used to restrict practitioners at all times, following them even as they used the bathroom. In order to prevent them from revealing the truth, practitioners were not allowed to speak . Criminals beat, scolded, and abused practitioners at will. Coercive measures are used, and normal behavior is considered "criminal disobedience".

5. In the forced labor camp, practitioners were subjected to unwanted "care" such as mental torture, while basic physiological demands which maintain normal physical function, such as sleep, were deprived.

6. Practitioners were forced to write "four statements" (a guarantee to stop practicing, a statement of repentance, a statement pleading guilty, and a statement criticizing and defaming Falun Gong) and were then required to edit and rewrite their statements up to more than ten times. If practitioners refused to cooperate, they were cruelly tortured.

The description above only reflects the surface conditions. It is difficult for those without first hand experience in the forced labor camp to imagine how vicious the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners here really is. Even so, "Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts," and these Falun Dafa practitioners have assimilated "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" into their lives.