Recently, many truth-clarifying materials have been produced and printed in various forms, and frequently they contained quite a few mistakes. For example, words were missing, there were spelling mistakes and incorrect printing formats. Such errors could affect the good intentions of the materials. On this issue, I would like to put forth my views, and any comments on the following suggestions are most welcome.

It is obvious that the old forces are now making their final efforts. Any attachment or human notion that Dafa practitioners still have can become an excuse the old forces may use to attack Dafa and the practitioners. To counteract this, we must remove all the things that the old forces utilize and their arrangements by sending forth righteous thoughts in the purest form. Therefore, we need to refine our every word, thought and action.

As the truth clarification materials are intended for the whole society, and are a means of clarifying the truth and helping to save the people of the world, their contents and presentation must assume an uncorrupted form to have the best effect. If this cannot be achieved, the image of Dafa will be greatly affected. Moreover, if people cannot value Dafa's existence, they lose the opportunity to be saved by it.

As Dafa practitioners are one integrated unit, an error appearing in one area means that the whole is incomplete. Thus, when an error occurs, we should be concerned by it and take the initiative to rectify it.

Whether we are uploading from or downloading to the computer, compiling or printing loose leaflets, we must bear in mind that we are responsible for Dafa and all sentient beings, as well as ourselves. Thus, strict control and timely rectification are crucial. To the practitioners who are using computers to do the work, I would suggest that they first print out a draft copy and then proofread it a few times. From my personal experience, it is more difficult to find mistakes on a computer screen than on a hard copy. Mistakes are more obvious on a printed paper copy.

On another point, when we edit, download, print and bind the articles into booklets, the first few steps in the process are the most crucial. The whole process is similar to shooting an arrow. If we do not aim it properly, the arrow will land a long way away from the target.

Presently, many Dafa practitioners are taking up heavy workloads, which are complicated and important. Mistakes will arise and are inevitable; however, we must not use that as an excuse. Teacher said to us, "I know that you've all worked so hard. You have to work and you have to study, you have your family life and social activities, and at the same time you have to take care of your family, do a good job at work, and you have to study the Fa well and do the exercises well, and what's more, you have to clarify the truth. It is hard! It's pretty hard both time-wise and financially. It's hard, so your mighty virtue is displayed; it's hard, and so it's a good opportunity to establish your mighty virtue. Remarkable! Since you are cultivators, even though it's hard you should do even better." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Conference," May 19)