(Clearwisdom.net) Today, I am finally able to talk about, with a calm mind, the noble and magnificent undertakings of Dafa practitioners to those who are still under the deception of the media in China.

When I first met Dafa practitioners, I felt that they were sincere; they were frank, kind, magnanimous and tolerant. I was born arrogant and aloof; therefore I don't easily interact with people that I don't know. However, I was able to truly accept them, get to know them, then identify with them and help them. All this originated from one small event. It was in the spring, the wind chilled one to the bone and made one shiver. Two Dafa practitioners rented the lower level of my building. One night, the wind blew the door closed when they left to use the restroom and they were locked outside of their room. They did not want to interrupt my sleep in the middle of the night, so they stood in the chilly wind, enduring the freezing temperature until the morning. I was shocked when I heard about this, and was deeply moved and I thought to myself in amazement, " In this day an age there are still people who think of others with their whole heart!" I felt they were extraordinary. Later, they helped me understand Dafa and the truth about the persecution. I then started to realize that their every word and every deed conformed to "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance," and that they are the elite of modern times.

Later, I read in Master Li's Hong Yin [book of poetry]-

"The vast heaven and earth are small in my eyes, Who created the immense firmament? Beyond the cosmos is even more immeasurable, Spread the Great Dao to fulfill a grand wish." [Wish]

I felt myself very tiny and helpless. Dafa practitioners' mighty benevolence and tolerance are totally different from what is described by the deceitful Chinese media's propaganda. The Chinese media's propaganda can only deceive those who don't know anything about Falun Gong. For anyone who has read Zhuan Falun and has some understanding about Falun Gong, with a quick glance he can recognize that the media's rumors are full of inconsistencies and their deceitful propaganda is full of holes and is laughable. There is a saying from long ago, which states that evil cannot prevail over righteousness. For explaining the truth to the people, Dafa practitioners are bearing unimaginable hardships; their bodies and minds are bearing unimaginable brutality by the police. Yet Dafa practitioner's righteous acts also makes Jiang and his followers tremble inside. Oh sacred Dafa practitioners! You are guarding the law of the universe with your blood and with your lives! Why are so many pitiful people still not awakened to it?

Some people claim that Dafa practitioners no longer care about their family members after practicing Falun Gong. This is not true. They not only treat their parents well, they do even more for them than they did in the past. It is simply because of the Jiang-Luo regime's evil persecution, that they cannot return to their own homes and cannot see their relatives. To offer salvation to all living beings, they are joyful despite hardship. They are benevolent towards all people, and I truly admire their noble sentiments and their high moral standard. While I came to understand the practitioners more, I also came to understand the true meaning of life.

Later, when they told me that they were leaving, I felt a kind of speechless pain in my mind and tears began rolling down my face. Yet what the tears embodied were not merely human emotions. Only those who know Dafa practitioners could come to understand the meaning of these tears. After they were gone I found that I missed them, worried for their safety, and from deep within my heart I wished them the best.