1. The Labor Camp uses multiple controlled monitoring methods, such as coercing drug addicts, thieves, sex offenders, swindlers, and other convicted felons who are appointed as so-called "helpers," one or two at a time, to control practitioners. These " helpers" do not have to work regular labor assignments and the forced labor camp. Their sole responsibility is to monitor practitioners 24 hours a day and to record practitioners' every movement and activity. In order to talk to others, practitioners have to get permission from these people.
  2. Practitioners cannot study the Fa, practice the exercises, or meditate in lotus position. Even the basic military sitting position and simple cross-legged sitting is not allowed.
  3. Practitioners cannot have any conversations with other practitioners; this includes daily social conversation. They also cannot help each other or exchange gifts. If "helpers" find out that practitioners are helping each other and exchanging gifts, then practitioners are disqualified for food rations.
  4. The Labor Camp uses a penalty-and-reward systems. The more mental abuse and the more brutal persecution the "helpers" apply to practitioners, the faster their sentences will be reduced. If practitioners escape from the "helpers'" control, their sentences will be increased.
  5. Practitioners' relatives can't visit practitioners if they are also practitioners.
  6. The Camp uses violent coercion to force practitioners to compromise. The Labor Camp Director and the so-called "camp controllers" or "helpers" use inhuman methods to persecute the determined practitioners. The practitioners often suffer violent beatings at the hands of the Labor Camp's Director and "controllers"; they are often put into small jail cells, forced to "sit on the stool" (forced to remain in an unnaturally crouched posture without moving for long periods of time), are deprived of sleep for days, are not allowed to put on warm clothes in winter, and are forced to take showers underneath a faucet 30 or 40 cm (18 inches) high in the rest room. (Some "controllers" said that this kind of shower environment should only be used for washing dogs. But the labor camp Director always maintains that they take good care of practitioners, that they are being treated very well, and shower in the Director's shower room) ... etc.