Recently, when I saw overseas media running daily reports about the Falun Gong practitioners who were refused entrance into Iceland and Hong Kong, an idea popped into my head. If we fully take advantage of this opportunity with righteous thoughts, we can turn the old forces' arrangement into a good opportunity to have practitioners from every country clarify the truth about the persecution to their own media, government, human rights organizations, and Embassy in Hong Kong; or to airport personnel, policemen, all social organizations, and for the purpose of saving all sentiment beings.

The majority of media reports on the recent events have focused on total numbers of those denied entry, their citizenship, their mistreatment by the airline, and "the freedom in Hong Kong." I feel these reports only contain a few true stories about the practitioners being persecuted in China, and it would be sad to see that we missed these wonderful opportunities to clarify the truth to all beings and organizations. If all the participating practitioners can put more effort into thinking about "what truth needs to be clarified" and if they can use these good opportunities to clarify the truth, then the media reports will all have positive stories about Falun Gong, the persecution in China, the brutal sufferings endured by the practitioners in China, and why Falun Gong practitioners want to spend so much effort to peacefully appeal for the truth. Then the whole world will clearly see the evil acts and results of Jiang's regime. Human beings will understand that what the persecution has done to Falun Gong practitioners is a threat to every single human being and that all of mankind will pay respect towards Dafa and Dafa disciples for their righteousness and magnificence. Therefore, this will not only have the effect of eliminating the evil, but the whole world will also benefit from it.

Teacher has repeatedly taught us that the persecution is not persecution of humans by humans. Therefore under the old force's pre-arrangements, the overseas practitioners should not constrain themselves or use any ordinary thinking to do things. While saving sentiment beings, we can use many convenient methods employed by ordinary people. At the same time, we should send forth righteous thoughts, which work in other dimensions. Clarifying the truth in person can also have a very good and direct effect and it can't be neglected easily or given up on.