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On June 29 and June 30, one hundred and fifty teachers from high schools, junior high schools, and primary schools participated in the Summer Falun Gong Seminar for Teachers held at Yongren Junior High School, Tainan County, Taiwan. The principal of Yongren Junior High School recommended Falun Gong to the students and encouraged them to participate in the cultivation practice.

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The age of the cosmos may be greater than what scientists thought. Recent findings by a German scientist indicated that because the iron found in a planet in a deep dimension of the cosmos is much greater than that found in any of the planets in our solar system, and since it takes an extremely long period of time for iron to form, and comparing the amount of iron found in the planets of the solar system and that found in the planet in the deep dimension, scientists believe that the age of the cosmos is greater than we previously believed.

New evidence for "The Great Eruption of Organisms in the Cambrian Period" reappeared in Yunnan Province. The Yunnan Chengjiang Biological Research Center in Yunnan University excavated the fourth specimen of the ancient fish fossil in the vicinity of Mafang Village in Haiko City. This specimen is a completely new piece of evidence for "The Great Eruption of Organisms in the Cambrian Period." It further proves that the precursors of vertebrates originated during the great eruption of organisms 530 million years ago. This discovery presents a new challenge to Darwin's "Theory of Evolution."

Reference Materials: Jiang Zemin's "Syndrome of the Sixteenth People's Congress Meeting." Jiang reacted to the serious criminal case of the fire of an Internet cafe in Beijing by a wholesale closure of the "illegal" Internet cafes, and ordering the installation of the new software that would allow the monitoring by the security police on all the computers in the Internet cafes. Obviously it is to strengthen the control of the more liberal public opinions over the day-to-day Internet communication. Jiang, the head of the ruling Chinese party, is fond of playing politics. He effortlessly, with a sly of hand, substituted the case of fire in an Internet cafe with "The case of Fire in Congress" in today's China.