(Clearwisdom.net) After Ms. Yoko Kaneko was wrongfully arrested in Beijing on May 14, Falun Dafa practitioners in Japan have held a series of activities all over the country to rescue her. We have collected over 20,000 petition signatures from the Japanese people. Many members from the Japanese Parliament, local assemblymen, and people from all walks of life are shocked at the facts of the ruthless persecution happening in China and have signed the petition to rescue Ms. Yoko Kaneko and to condemn the Jiang regime's brutality.

Clarifying the truth in front of the Japanese Parliament and collecting petition signatures.

One resident from Hiroshima took it upon himself to help practitioners to collect signatures. After reading the introductory booklet that a practitioner gave her the day before, a lady from Tokyo especially went to the place where practitioners distribute truth-clarifying materials to sign the petition. She said that she could not imagine such an inhumane persecution and that she must sign the petition to support us. Seeing practitioners persistently collecting signatures under the burning sun, some kind-hearted people brought ice cream and beverages for practitioners.

While engaged in efforts to rescue Ms. Yoko Kaneko, practitioners are continuing to study the Fa and share experiences, truly improving themselves in understanding the Fa based on the Fa. We realize that we must completely deny the old force's arrangements, rescue Ms. Yoko Kaneko as soon as possible and expose the evil through this action.