The officials in Hainan Province are offering rewards for the capture of Falun Dafa practitioners. Many villagers in the province know the truth about Falun Dafa, and they protect practitioners by giving warnings when the police are coming. Even the town director has offered his personal protection to practitioners. Several times the police surrounded the village but failed to arrest practitioners. The town director said: "What you are doing is arresting good people. This will not happen here.""

The director and vice director in a police station in Hainan Province had frequently persecuted Dafa practitioners, but they stopped after their sons received retribution for their bad deeds. Since then, they began to protect Dafa practitioners. When they are ordered by authorities to arrest Dafa practitioners, they contact the practitioners ahead of time and tell them to hide. After the authorities leave, they tell the practitioners that it is safe to return. The officers have even asked to learn more about Falun Dafa.

The general secretary of the party committee in a village was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution. He told practitioners to do whatever they want to do and that if something happens, he would let them know. He asked them to hide their materials well and not to let the officials find them. Nowadays, kindhearted people like this general secretary would be in trouble if the extent of their goodness was made known to higher authorities.

Public Security offered a handicapped person a reward of 2,000 Yuan for reporting the location of Falun Gong materials. The villager responded, "Hey, that is an indecent thing to do. I wouldn't do it even if the reward was 200,000 Yuan."

A mother and daughter in the village are both Falun Dafa practitioners. The mother was dismissed from her position because she practices Falun Dafa. One day, the police wanted to take the daughter for brainwashing, but her father couldn't take it anymore, picked up a wooden rod and threatened, "My family are all good and kind people, but you break into my house again and again, harassing and persecuting us. Now you won't even let us live in peace. Today, if you dare to take my daughter away, I will fight to the death if I have to!" The police left right away and no longer dared not come to his home anymore.