1. Dissuade the Police By Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

Lu Hua is a female Falun Dafa practitioner from Heilongjiang Province. On the afternoon of April 4, right after she came back home from her workplace, someone knocked on her door and shouted, "Open the door! Open up!" Her mother and husband were at home but her daughter was still in school. Lu Hua realized they were policemen who planned to arrest her. She calmly told her mother and husband not to open the door. Then she sat down and started to send forth righteous thoughts to prevent the police from coming in and to prevent them from finding the key from her daughter. The police knocked louder and louder, but Lu Hua maintained a calm mind and concentrated on sending forth righteous thoughts. The Fa-rectification verse alone filled her mind. About half an hour later, the cops gave up. Then they stopped Lu Hua' daughter on her way back from school and searched her for the key, but they could not find it. Actually, the key had been in her pocket, but it slipped out through a small tear before they checked it.

2. An Elderly Woman Sends Forth Righteous Thoughts to Help Her Husband

An elderly couple distributed truth-clarifying materials together. They walked to different buildings in a community. As Mr. Feng was leaving some materials in front of a door, a plainclothes policeman came down the stairs. He grabbed the old man's arm and yelled, "What are you doing?" The old man was kind of flustered, "I'm not doing anything!" Then he called to his wife for help. After hearing his voice, his wife realized that something was wrong. But she thought, "It won't help if I go over there, and I've got so many materials with me." So she sent forth the righteous thoughts immediately. The plainclothes policeman then released the old man and left.

After the incident, Mr. Feng's wife reminded him, "You see, your level was lowered to that of an everyday person at that moment. You should have remained calm and sent forth righteous thoughts." The old man replied, "Yes, you are right, I should have."

Written on 6/26/02