(Clearwisdom.net) On May 14, 2002, the "610 Office" [a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches] in Xingyang City, Henan Province illegally held a brainwashing class again in the Xingyang City Party School. Wang Jingwan from Liuhe Village, Zhou Yuxia and Tang Guirong from Dawang Village, Wang Xiaowang from Guang Village, Jing Tianlian from Gaochunshi Town and two other female practitioners from Qiaolou Village were forced into the brainwashing class in succession.

Jing Tianlian was a military man transferred to do civilian work. In the past, he had done work in nuclear testing and, as a result, he was diagnosed as having incurable diseases. After practicing Falun Gong though, he fully recovered. In the brainwashing class, he talked about his experience, as well the miracles of Dafa and its principles. Those people who attempted to brainwash him all said, "Look, we tried to do the transformation work, however, we are being transformed by him."

Zhou Tuwang owned a shop. When five to six people from the "610 Office" and the police station tried to take him to the brainwashing class, he questioned them, "I appealed to the higher authorities. That was my right. However, you detained me in the Sanlizhuang Detention Center. What did I do wrong?" Those people could not answer. "There is a sewer in front of my shop. I once picked up more than 4,000 Yuan (about $500) from there and found the owner and returned the money to him. Among the six of you, who would have done the same?" Those people just looked at each other and then left. Two days later, they came back and said, "There is a quota and we cannot meet it. They want you go to the brainwashing class." Zhou said, "What? You cannot meet the quota and want to do whatever you want? That's illegal. I won't go!" They had to leave in despair. The last time, only one person came and said, "After investigation, we think you are a good person and won't trouble you anymore." Zhou said, "It saddens me that you would treat good people like us in this way." He then told that person about the Fa and told her many Dafa principles.

Around June 5, many Dafa practitioners were again abducted and taken to the Sanlizhuang Detention Center.

Li Yunzhen was a staff member from the Xingyang City Court. She was abducted while posting truth-clarification materials about Dafa and taken to the Sanlizhuang Detention Center where she was bailed out by the court. Her family members are now being forced to monitor her.

Shi Shuqin was a teacher. Policemen suddenly ransacked her home and abducted her.

Policemen suddenly stopped Song Pengfei while he was driving his own vehicle on the road. His car was kept in custody without his consent, and he was abducted and taken to the Sanlizhuang Detention Center.

Wei Chengde was taken away while he was at home. His wife and son were then illegally arrested. He was very poor. His property, which was worth as little as a TV set, was stolen. He is now being brutally tortured in the Sanlizhuang Detention Center.

Ding Guoying was a teacher at the Zhangchang Village Elementary School. Since he was teaching his students about Truth-Compassion-Forbearance and the principles of being a good person, Principal Zhang Wusong reported him. Policemen then took him away.

Nie Junhua was a cadre in charge of women's affairs in a village of Xingyang City. She began practicing in February of 1999. Because she firmly adhered to Dafa, she was arrested several times and has been brutally tortured. Her family has had tens of thousands of Yuan extorted from them. She has now been illegally abducted again and taken to the Sanlizhuang Detention Center to be tortured.

Jing Jianxin owned a small business. He was arrested while in the space he was renting.

Other practitioners who have been illegally abducted and taken to the Sanlizhuang Detention Center include Cui Shuling, Zhang Changjiang and others.

It has been reported that the Henan Province Politics and Legislation Workforce Conference was held at the beginning of May 2002 in Jiaozuo City. Luo Gan gave orders in person to arrest all Dafa practitioners before July 22 who continue to firmly practice Falun Dafa. Many Dafa practitioners were abducted, brutally tortured, and brainwashed. Their houses were searched and their property was confiscated. The vicious person Zhengfen was promoted to head the "610 Office." However, he and his gang will eventually be punished by the heavenly laws.