Because of their determination in practicing Falun Dafa, Beijing Dafa practitioners Lin Chengtao and Liu Xiao were persecuted to the point of having mental breakdowns. Another Dafa practitioner, Zhao Xindong, was driven to mental collapse due to the relentless physical and mental abuse at the 5th team of the Tuanhe Labor Camp. Zhao Xindong was from Northeast China and was illegally detained in the "Intensive Training Team" due to his righteous belief in Dafa. Because of the brutal torture he endured, Zhao Xindong lost the ability to take care of himself and was released from the labor camp around November of last year.

Another Dafa practitioner, Zhu Zhiliang, who graduated from Beijing University of Aviation and Spaceflight with a Master's Degree, was persecuted so badly that he suffered a mental breakdown at the "Intensive Training Team."

According to verified information from Beijing, Lin Chengtao was brutally tortured to the point of mental collapse and lost the ability to take care of himself. The labor camp tried to block this news and instead spread a rumor within the labor camp that Lin Chengtao was "feigning," and continued to persecute him.

The source said that Lin Chengtao was illegally abducted in Beijing by the Public Security Bureau in September 2001 and was sentenced to a year and a half of forced labor "re-education." Not long ago, in Beijing Tuanhe Labor Camp, at the time of the roll call, Lin Chengtao shouted out: "Falun Dafa is a righteous way!" He was then sent to the "Intensive Training Team," which is the center of the brutal persecution in the Beijing Tuanhe Labor Camp. Policemen used several electric batons to shock him for a long period of time; each baton carried 30,000 volts. They also subjected him to other savage tortures, which caused Lin Chengtao to suffer a mental breakdown.

Lin Chengtao, 35 years old, was an assistant researcher in China Xiehe Medical University. He was a key researcher for several projects of China's "State 863" Plan. According to the source, in recent years, Lin Chengtao was the only person who did not use his position in the university as a means to go overseas. Instead, he faithfully abided by the 5-year work contract with his workplace.

Located in Daxing County of Beijing area, the Tuanhe Labor Camp is notorious for its brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Early in 2001, they beat up Heilongjiang Province Dafa practitioner Lu Changjun and broke his spine, which resulted in paralysis.

In March of this year, Chinese overseas student Zhao Ming, who was later successfully rescued by international organizations and sent back to Ireland, suffered cruel tortures such as high voltage electric shocks while he was detained in this labor camp. Zhao Ming said that in the labor camp, he was so badly beaten up by 10 criminals that he was unable to walk for two weeks. Before his release, five policemen bound his legs, feet, body and head, and used 6 electric batons at the same time to shock him all over his body. Each baton carried more than 20,000 volts.