On June 21, 2002, Master Li published the poem "A Righteous God":

With righteous thoughts and righteous actions
He is diligent without letting up
Eliminating demons that damage the Fa
He is good to all beings

That same day, Teacher also published the commentary entitled, "Comments on the article 'Some ideas from discussions among students who have participated in the sit-in appeals in front of Chinese embassies and Consulates.'" When we studied the last sentence, "The weather is so hot, now make sure to take good care of yourselves," many disciples could not help shedding tears. Certainly, Master is right beside us. Master and all sentient beings are looking at us.

For the limited number of Dafa disciples in England, each with demanding jobs, studies and household chores, time is very tight. Practitioners who were able to go went Eastern Europe. Those who were not able to go gathered to send righteous thoughts outside the Embassy in London and Consulates in Manchester and Edinburgh. A test lies in front of every Dafa disciple in England - how do we continue to be diligent without letting up, while still achieving harmony with work, studies and family life? How can we manage this?

Everyone took part in an enthusiastic discussion. First of all, disciples who had previously stayed in front of the embassy for long times spoke of their understanding. Some mentioned that this is an opportunity to save sentient beings bestowed on us by our great and benevolent Master, and expressed their belief that we must not lose this opportunity again. So long as the evil is not eliminated, they explained, we should not stop for even one day. Some observed that some other practitioners still did not realize the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the embassy and thus made many appeals. Finally everyone realized that we should try hard to catch up with the Fa-rectification. Not only should we put more effort into clarifying the truth, but we should also persist in sending righteous thoughts. Studying the Fa, clarifying the truth and sending righteous thoughts, these three things should be done well and none can be neglected at the expense of the others.

When sharing experiences, disciples reminded one another to treat fellow practitioners with compassion and not force others to accept one's understanding. Instead, one's understanding was discussed frankly, sincerely and with an open heart. Through discussions, everyone felt that our hearts were drawn closer. At the same time everyone searched within themselves on the issues Master required of disciples in Europe: "fully take initiative and fully play his role as a Dafa disciple" and "how much you put your heart into this matter of Fa-rectification."

Everyone employed the wisdom and compassion given to them by Dafa to find means readily acceptable to everyday people and which would have a positive influence on the media, to give the best possible public impression of the event in front of the embassy. One disciple came up with the "Come and sit with me" plan. He put up a sign with the words, "Please come and sit beside us, close your eyes gently, and appeal together with us: Stop the killing. Stop the persecution." "Freedom," "Pudu" or "Jishi" were softly playing in the background. Practitioners unanimously agreed to this suggestion. It shows the essence of Dafa disciples: peace, humility and kindness. We want to use our own words and actions to let sentient beings feel the goodness of Dafa.