(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners in Japan are concerned about Ms. Yasuko Kaneko, who is currently illegally imprisoned in Beijing. While practitioners from all over the country are appealing to the Japanese government and media for rescuing Ms. Yasuko Kaneko, some practitioners from other areas also went to her Japanese hometown in Niigata-ken County, to clarify the truth to the County government and County Council and call on people from all walks of life to pay attention to this issue and to rescue Ms. Yasuko Kaneko from the evil persecution.

On July 6, Saturday, practitioners from all over Japan got together at the City of Niigata, Niigata-ken County. After sending forth righteous thoughts and practicing the Falun Dafa exercises in the morning, we held a press conference at noon. We then held a solemn parade. Several media objectively reported the event. Because there are only a few practitioners living in Niigata-ken County, many people there do not know much about Dafa. This event positively displayed Dafa's image to the people of Niigata-ken County and allowed more people to obtain the chance to learn about Dafa.

On July 7, after practitioners practiced the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts, it started raining. Realizing that this was interference with the on-going event of collecting petition signatures, many practitioners spontaneously erected their right hands in front of their chests. It still kept raining. But when nearly a hundred practitioners went to different sites to collect signatures despite the rain, the rain became very light and stopped shortly after.

People in the Niigata-Ken County expressed their sincere concerns towards rescuing Yasuko Kaneko. One after another touching scenes left us with deep impressions. According to a rough estimate, on the evening of July 7, we collected over 7000 signatures in just one day. We believe that the Japanese people's righteous actions will push forward the supportive movement from the people who have a sense of justice in the Japanese government and press circles. As practitioners in Japan, we will also strive forward to clarify the truth to all levels of Japanese government, media and all circles in the society and therefore offer salvation to more people.