(Clearwisdom.net) According to Xinhua News Agency: Since June in mainland China, most of areas Guizhou Province were pounded by rainstorms, five times more rain than in previous years. Statistics show that more than 37,000,000 people suffered from the disaster. 350,000 people were besieged by flood or evacuated. About 3,600,000 hectares of crops were damaged. Many roads, bridges, school buildings, irrigation systems, and power plants were ruined by the flooding. Communication and transportation were blocked. From initial statistics, the direct economic loss reached 3 billion Yuan (Chinese currency).

Can Guizhou be an anomaly? In this province, all levels of the "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] were relentless in persecuting Falun Gong during this period of time. How many Falun Dafa practitioners were illegally detained, sentenced and forced out of their homes? How many people who believe in Zhen-Shan-Ren were forced to give up their beliefs? The "610 Office or state terrorism organization" commits terrible acts against people and which cry out for justice!

Guizhou suffered continuously from natural and man-made disasters over this period of time. And furthermore, this year the damage is heavier than the previous one. According to a report of Guizhou Capital, since the beginning of June, most of regions of the province, including Guiyang, Zhunyi, Tongren, Bijie, Qiannam, Qiandongnan, etc. were continuously inundated by rains. In some areas, the rainfall reached 186mm, which was not seen in 100 years. Flooding occurring in 17 counties and the inhabitants of nearly 100 towns suffered from blocked transportation, communication and power resources.

It appeared that in the areas where officials persecuted Falun Gong the most severely, there was the most suffering from these types of disasters. According to Guizhou Capital, on June 20, eight towns including Guiyang, Xifeng and Yongjing and 103 villages flooded; 50,220 people suffered loses; 24,255 mu [a Chinese scale for land measurement] of crops were submerged and 535 houses collapsed. The direct economical loss was calculated at more than 50 million Yuan. In the last 3 days, two people were struck by lightning. In the Qingzhen area where the Guiyang Zhongba Labor Camp persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, it stormed and thundered, and was continuously lashed by rainstorms and strong winds. There was someone at the labor camp who was struck on-site by lightening. Since the beginning of June, Zhunyi was subject to continuous rainstorms. Sixteen towns and 260,000 people suffered from this disaster. Five people were swept away by the flood. The economic loss from this disaster reached 190 million Yuan. In Tongren, heavy rainstorms lasted from June 18 to 19. 860,000 people and 22546 hectares of crops were affected by the disaster. 987 hectares of crops were totally ruined. 718 hectares of farming land were damaged. The direct economic loss reached 40,090,000 Yuan. Twelve people were swept away by a flood in Fuquan City and seven of them were never found.

Throughout the province, the rainstorms still continue. "When people do not have virtue, natural calamities and man-made disasters will abound." (Falun Dafa Essentials For Further Advancement, "When the Fa is Right")