July 3, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Liu Ling from Wuhan City, Hubei Province was detained in a mental hospital where he was tormented for several months. Then, he was forcefully taken to Hewan Labor Camp and illegally detained there for almost a year. During that period of time, he was physically and mentally abused to the extent that one cannot imagine. At last, it reached the point that he could no longer walk and he lost his sight in both eyes. Police at the labor camp said that he feigned illness and did not allow him to see an outside doctor. In addition, they threatened him by saying, "Your death would be considered a suicide." After that, in order to shirk responsibility, they informed one of his family members and delivered him to the Xiehe Hospital for emergency treatment. Twenty-three days later, however, he had to be discharged from the hospital because he could not afford to pay the medical expenses that amounted to tens of thousands of Yuan in no more than a month. To date, he is totally blind and his legs are paralyzed. He lost the ability to work and make a living. His company arbitrarily changed the five-year work contract to three years and refused to undertake their responsibility. His family members applied for the lowest level of social security for him, but the departments concerned refused to handle his situation simply because he practices Falun Dafa.

The main reason for his paralysis and loss of eyesight is that he was illegally beaten by personnel in the brainwashing class, which caused vertebral dislocation and pressure on the spinal chord. During his detention in the labor camp, he was also beaten many times by the criminals whose actions were not only tolerated, but also instigated by the police. A terrible scar remains on his neck. In addition, he was forced to stand continually for over 10 days and was shut in a small room for one month. In the winter, he was forced to stand out in the wind while barefoot and wearing thin clothes. They also force-fed him. He was not allowed to sleep for many days or take a bath or use the restroom for a long time and he endured other physical punishment and torture. Not being able to use the restroom for a long time caused chronic constipation and anal hemorrhaging. In addition, the living conditions and food in Hewan Labor Camp are extremely bad. The labor camp police embezzled the money that had been allocated to the camp for detainees' living expenses.