(This is part 1 of a series of 3 parts)

(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Huihui. I'm sixteen years old and began practicing Falun Dafa with my parents in June 1996. Feeling that I have improved a lot over the last two days of sending righteous thoughts, I would like to share my experience with fellow practitioners.

On the evening of Friday, April 26, 2002, some practitioners gathered with us at my grandma's home to study the Fa together. Our family usually spends Friday nights this way. Seven of my family members are Falun Dafa practitioners. I was pleased to discover that one of the practitioners who joined us that evening was Zhizhi, a former classmate of mine from elementary school. After Fa-study, I walked her home so we would have the opportunity to discuss and share insights on the Fa. We stayed and talked at her home until almost 10 p.m. Just when I was about to leave, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable. A few seconds later, Zhizhi received a phone call from a practitioner who told us that some policemen were arresting practitioners at my grandma's home. He asked us to immediately send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. We sat on the bed right away and began sending righteous thoughts.

We heard several police cars with their sirens blaring as they roared by Zhizhi's apartment building. The atmosphere was very tense. A patrol car stopped just outside the building but left a while later. Zhizhi and I continued to send righteous thoughts. After a while, Zhizhi's mother returned home and said, "Only Huihui's mother and I managed to get away. All the other practitioners were arrested."

I said, "We moved all the truth-clarification materials to another location, so don't worry about that." Zhizhi's mother left and we again heard several police cars roar by.

It was the first time that Zhizhi and I had ever faced this kind of Fa-rectification situation. Although I was not afraid, I could very clearly feel the evil occupying the whole space. So again, we double-crossed our legs and held our right palms erect to send forth righteous thoughts. I asked Teacher in my mind, "Please strengthen our abilities to the maximum so that we can resolutely and completely eradicate the evil. We want to help the practitioners arrested tonight to escape. The vicious police must not be allowed to find us, either. Freeze the evil police so that they can't break into our apartment." Then I recited the verse, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos; the evil is completely eliminated."

After a few minutes, I heard a police car stop outside the building and clearly heard the officers knocking at the door of each apartment, one by one, searching for practitioners. They searched all the apartments on every floor, but strangely, skipped Zhizhi's home. They came down from the top floor and stood right in front of her apartment door for a long time. It seemed as though the three or four officers had forgotten what they were doing. Then one of them said, "It's weird! How come we can't find their home! I'm sure it's in this building. What happened? Well, let's forget about it and go back." Of course, they didn't understand the power of the Fa! At the time, through my Celestial Eye, I saw our Heavenly Law-Guardians. They had surrounded the entire floor of the building. There were layers upon layers of them. I observed that both Zhizhi and I were emitting a kind of white substance. A big ball of white energy flowed around us. A large Falun rapidly rotated under the white energy flow. Then I saw Teacher's law body appear right in front of us. Teacher smiled, and I could tell his smile was full of joy, happiness, compassion, encouragement and expectations. I couldn't help but shed tears. How benevolent and great our Teacher is!

(To be continued)