(Clearwisdom.net) At the current critical moment of Fa-rectification, through group Fa-study and sharing experiences in emails, UK Dafa practitioners realized the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts from a short distance. The practitioners decided to continuously send forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Embassy and Consulates in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. A 24 hour round-the-clock sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Embassy in London began on June 5, 2002.

Monthly group Fa-study and experience sharing in the UK

During the group Fa-study last weekend, Western and Chinese practitioners had an in-depth discussion. We came to a clear understanding regarding sending forth the purest righteous thoughts and the righteous actions at the present critical moment. We also realized the urgency of keeping up with the Fa-rectification as a whole. A Western practitioner who had gone to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and had been mistreated and violently deported by the Chinese police, sent an email to each practitioner in the UK, to call upon more Dafa practitioners to break through the bondage of human notions and step forward. Many Dafa practitioners could see where they fell short and were moved to tears.