(Clearwisdom.net) During discussions with fellow practitioners regarding the head of the evil's trip to Eastern Europe, I came to some understandings, which I want to write down and share with everyone. I hope fellow practitioners will kindly point out and correct anything inappropriate in this article.

1. The Front Line and the Second Line

Recently I discovered quite a few practitioners who think that although it is very important to completely eliminate the evil factors that control the head of evil, only standing face-to-face with the evil is considered being in the front line. If for various reasons, one doesn't go to Eastern Europe, one would feel like a part of the second line. Then, he may slack off a little in his mind or even get into a state of only watching, feeling that he is playing a supporting role as if he is not a part of the main body. In my opinion, it is in other dimensions that things on a truly grand and spectacular scale will take place. As long as our righteous thoughts are pure enough to penetrate through many dimensions, we are assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification and we are in the front line, regardless of whether we are sending forth our righteous thoughts at a short distance. The number of practitioners standing face-to-face with the head of evil is a small part of the whole body, but it is the will of the heavens to clear out the evil elements controlling the head of the evil. All of our practitioners are acting in accordance with the cosmic climate. I have realized that every Dafa disciple will play his or her own role in the Fa-rectification. As far as the issue of eradicating the evil is concerned, the concept of the front line or the second line is not valid.

2. The Individual and the Group

While sharing my thoughts with fellow practitioners, I found many practitioners thinking of how they should overcome difficulties and take part in eradicating the evil, whether their own xinxing is righteous enough, and whether they should go to a certain place. They have ignored, from the perspective of Dafa disciples as a whole and the overall situation of Fa-rectification, how we can play different, suitable roles and how we can create an environment without interference to ensure the smooth completion of our common historic mission. Some students may say, "As a particle, I will accept any arrangement by the whole body." In my opinion, it is of course very good to be able to let go of one's own understanding and arrangement. But, wouldn't it be even better if we, from the very beginning, thoroughly considered and explored our own initiative from the perspective of the whole body, rather than just accept the arrangement of the group? The bases of these two ways of thinking are different, and their respective capacities are quite different, too.