(Clearwisdom.net) At around 10pm on March 4, 2002, a dozen policemen from the City Police Department, District Police Department and the local Lianhua Police Station arrested me and another Dafa practitioner. They broke into my house without a search warrant, handcuffed us, photographed us, and confiscated approximately 3000 Yuan (Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban laborer is about 500 Yuan) and Dafa materials and printing equipment with a total value of 10,000 Yuan.

The policemen escorted us to the police station then tried to force us to make a verbal confession. We refused. They then tied my fellow practitioner to a Tiger Bench (a small iron bench that is approximately 20cm or 6 inches tall. Practitioners' knees are tightly tied on the 'tiger bench.' They have to sit straight up with their eyes looking straight ahead. Their hands are tied to their backs or sometimes placed on their knees. They are not allowed to turn their heads, close their eyes, talk to anyone, raise their hands, or call out for attention from the guards. Many inmates are assigned to watch the practitioners. If they turn their heads, the guards force them to hold their heads in that position indefinitely. If the practitioners raise their hands to draw the attention of the guards, the guards force them to hold their hands in the air indefinitely. If the practitioners speak, the guards force them to keep their mouths open indefinitely. Usually some hard objects are inserted underneath the practitioners lower legs or ankles to make it harder for them to tolerate this abuse), and took me to another office. Policemen Li Jiabo, Chen Hai and someone from the Political and Security Branch started beating me. They cuffed my hands behind my back and hung me from a bunk bed. I could barely touch the floor with my toes. After a long while, they lifted my legs and swung me in the air, which was unbearably painful, but I would not give in to their requests. They dragged me to another room, tied a rope to my handcuffs and hung me from behind for over 20 minutes. I was then held in an office and kept under surveillance.

On the second day, we were taken to the Second Police Brigade in Changyu District in a police car. The other practitioner was handcuffed to the Tiger Bench again, and I was locked in another room. The head of the police punched the right side of my face, and struck me in the head heavily with a plastic bottle full of water. The window broke when my head smashed into it. With my arms tied behind my back the second in command hung me up. I fainted and was unconscious for about 20 minutes. They woke me by pouring cold water on me. Later they took me to a room and forced me to sit against the wall. They then put a chair on top of my outstretched legs. The second in command and another policeman took turns sitting on the chair while hitting my knees and ankles with a multi-edged wooden rod, and walked on my legs. The vice head even leaned on the wall so he could raise his legs to walk on my shoulders. In the evening, I saw the back of practitioner A (the one arrested with me) who was limping along the corridor with two policemen escorting him. That night, I was handcuffed to the Tiger Bench.

The following morning, we were returned to the local police station. I found that practitioner A's left eye was filled with blood and swollen. Blood could be seen on his teeth as well, and it was hard for him to walk. He told me that for the whole afternoon, the police beat him. They punched his face, and hit his head, fingers, toes, knees, and ankles with a wooden plate. Du, the head of the Political and Security Section of Changyu Public Security Branch, tightened the handcuffs on him until they cut deeply into his flesh and caused his wrists to bleed. They also wrapped his head in a plastic bag to suffocate him and tried to force him to make a confession. They stripped him naked, poured cold water on him, then chilled him for over an hour with an electric fan.

In the afternoon, we were taken to the Changyu Public Security Branch. Some of the policemen knew me, and they checked my personal file stored in the Branch. When they interrogated me I was expected to sign the document, I refused. Practitioner A and I were later jailed in the Jilin Third Detention Center. We held a hunger strike to protest our illegal treatment.

From the time we were arrested, the guards in the Detention Center kept the two of us in Hospital 222 (a military facility) and the City Mental Hospital. We were force fed and injected with fluids. On the tenth evening, we were taken to the Second Clinic of the City Hospital where we were shackled together. They put our two beds side by side, and chained our hands to the railings at the sides of the beds day and night. We were force fed with food or water. A police officer Dong beat us frequently.

On March 18, 14 days since we had been taken into custody, we were moved to Yunmahe Detention Center in Jiutai City for a three-year forced labor sentence. The head of the Center refused to admit us after he assessed our situation, so the police took us back to the Changyu Hospital. They put us in room 9 on the fourth floor, shacked us to the bed and then force-fed us. Police officer Dong blamed us for his troubles, so he slapped our faces, walked on our heads, faces, and chests. He kicked us, and slapped our faces with a wet towel. My mouth became swollen with blood. We cried out in pain, and he stuffed our mouths with towels. He knocked out one of my teeth and loosened another. Our cries of pain drew the attention of the doctors, nurses and the families of other patients, but police Dong dared not admit that he had tortured us.

Practitioner A suffered more than I did in the hospital. Since we were already physically weak, we found the torture extremely hard. We felt dizzy and had constant chest pains and headaches. Even coughing caused us great pain.

We were kept in Changyu Hospital for six weeks. The first week they tried to force feed us unsuccessfully, so they stopped. The second week a relative came to visit me. They said that the police and local officials had already gone to my home. The Changyu District 610 office [a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches] forced them to sign a document relieving the hospital of any responsibility should I die. The officials said that if they refused to sign, they had to pay for all the hospital expenses. Having no other choice, they signed the paper. They were then allowed to visit me. For the next four weeks, we ate occasionally, but later resumed the hunger strike to protest being beaten. During the final days there, we were so weak that we were mostly semi-conscious.

One afternoon in the sixth week, we were secretly sent to an empty room at the Huapichang Township Senior Center. On the inside, the windows were covered with brown cloth and from the outside they were boarded up.

On the third day there, Section Chief Du said, "If you want to eat, you can, but you have to make confession first, or no food." On the fourth day, we were moved to a small room about one by three yards square. The windows were nailed and the door was locked. There was no light at all. We were shackled and handcuffed. A few days later, Du came again and asked if we would confess. We said "No", and he left.

On the 13th day, Du came with two local police station heads. He held a shovel in his hand, and with it, hit us while asking, "You want to eat?" I said," Of course we want to eat." He said, "the condition is to confess and tell us your name (to practitioner A)." We said no. So Du told the two local police station heads, "From now on, no one feeds them, it's your responsibility. Give the door key to me."

Then Du asked the two police station heads to leave the room. He closed the door and said in a low voice, "You two listen. Nobody will know if you die here. It has nothing to do with me even if you two die. You will simply be removed from here. " After a while he came back again to ask us if we would confess. I said it was impossible for us to do so. He said fine and then left.

The following evening, we managed to escape with our righteous thoughts and strong will. Now, we are able to reveal to the world the crimes committed by these vicious policemen and officials.

What I experienced was just the tip of the iceberg. It is highly possible that over a thousand Dafa practitioners have been tortured to death in the persecution campaign against Falun Gong in China. The evil has used every possible means to hide its brutality.