May 6, 2002

( Around 8 pm on February 12th, 2002, on the first day of the Chinese New Year, Falun Dafa practitioners Sun Tingbo, Liang Haibo and their child were celebrating the Chinese New Year at Sun's in-law's house. While they were celebrating the New Year, Chen De, the head of the Qiongshan City Tanwen police station, two police officers and the deputy superintendent, Zhang Haifeng of Lingshan, suddenly came into Liang's house. Chen De said to Sun Tingbo and Liang Haibo: "Your permanent residence is not in Tanwen; you are not allowed to stay here for the New Year." [China practices a 'Household registration' system. This means that people are not allowed to move their households of their own free will. Farmers are required to stay on their farmland and are not allowed to move into the city, and people who live in the cities aren't allowed to move to a different city. The government controls where people can and can't live; however, people are still allowed to visit relatives for a short period of time under the 'Door and Native' System.] The policemen from Lingshan said: "Only if you return to Lingshan immediately and wait until the seventh day of the New Year has passed will you be able to visit any place you want." Liang said that he would return to Lingshan City the following morning, yet Chen De threatened: "If you don't go back to Lingshan immediately, we will throw you into the [police] car." Chen De then reported to deputy superintendent Ke Tingxiong from Qiongshan City Police Bureau with his cell phone. To avoid trouble, Liang Haibo's parents gave in and borrowed a car to send their daughter and son-in-law back to Lingshan.

Although the family arrived in Lingshan City around midnight, the police officers from Lingshan police station followed Sun Tingbo home and told him: "The leader from the top would like to speak with you." Sun said: "If there is anything to talk about it should be left until tomorrow." Police officer Zhang Haifeng called Qiongshan City Public Security Bureau with his cell phone to report the situation. An hour later, Lingshan City police station instructor Ding Ming, Qiongshan City Public Security Bureau Political and Security Section chief Wang Pijie, Zhang Haifeng, Ou Haisheng, He Weimin and seven policemen from Lingshan City police station rushed in and assaulted Sun Tingbo. After they had pushed Sun to the floor, they then surrounded Liang Haibo, pulled her hair, twisted her arm behind her back and pushed her into the car. She was then sent to the Qiongshan City detention center. These actions carried out by the police caused the seven-year-old child to be left alone in an empty room. Many people who witnessed this incident discussed it amongst themselves and condemned the police officers' brutality. It was after 2 am before the police sent Liang Haibo back to Lingshan. Sun remained illegally detained in Qiongshan City Detention Center and has still not been released. Sun Tingbo has protested against this illegal persecution by holding a hunger strike.

On May 13th, 2001 Sun Tingbo had been illegally detained at The First Detention Center in Qiongshan City by Qiongshan City Hongqi Police Station superintendent Liang Chongyu. He was cruelly beaten and tortured by Qiang Shan City Public Security Bureau Director Liao Zhihui and a few other policemen. On October 31, 2001, the Qiongshan City Public and Security Section informed the family to come up with 5000 Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan] to bail Sun out. The section chief Wang Pijie told the family: "If nothing happens to Sun Tingbo within the year [If he isn't involved in anything related to Falun Dafa], the 5000 Yuan will be refunded to you. If something does happen to him, the 5000 Yuan will be confiscated."

On March 15th, 2002, when Sun's family went to visit Sun at the detention center, Wang Pijie said: "Your 5000 Yuan was confiscated, and the bail for Sun has now been doubled."