2. Why eliminate the evil elements that control the head of the evil?

Is it to break through the arrangements of the old forces that we eliminate the evil elements that control the head of the evil? Although the old forces arranged for the head of the evil to exist, as particles of Dafa, sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements that control the head of the evil is just what we should do.

As a matter of fact, Master taught us the related principles very early on, "In the Fa-rectification you've all done really well. As long as the evil isn't completely eliminated, though, we still need to keep doing even better. We must expose and eliminate the evil. Chinese people have been the biggest victims amidst the evil's damage. All the methods employed by the evil political gang of scoundrels in the Chinese government are the most despicable, the most evil, and unknown throughout history - they have reached the extreme, they couldn't possibly be worse. Never before has a government been used to do these scoundrel things. All the things our Dafa disciples have done with good thoughts have moved the world's people and have moved the beings at every level, while the evil that has reared its head in Mainland China has infuriated beings at every level. The contrast between these evil beings and our goodness (Shan) is dramatic. You know, when this evil sees that it's going to be eliminated it runs totally rampant. It is bad, it is venomous, and it is evil. And just like poison, if you want it not to poison people it can't do that - that's just how it is. So in the process of eliminating it, don't be lenient at all - just clean it out! Here I'm not referring to human beings, but to those evil beings that manipulate humans." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference," Guiding the Voyage)

How despicable and evil is the political gang of scoundrels in China? Aren't the evil beings that control these scoundrels the main targets for us to eliminate? When fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements that control the head of the evil in Malta or before Master bestowed the Fa-rectification verses upon us, some disciples were already eliminating the evil in other dimensions. What they were doing was the right thing because it conformed to the principles of the Fa and the xinxing [mind or heart nature] requirement for disciples while doing Fa-rectification work. Master has long ago taught and given us what we need. It is only that we often couldn't do well due to the limitations of our xinxing level. In fact, if we send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements that control the head of the evil with a pure heart and do it as a Fa particle, we will invoke the incomparably mighty power of the Fa. Won't the head of the evil become quite insignificant? Whether we send forth righteous thoughts from a close distance or focus the attention of our righteous thoughts on the head of the evil, they are just ways to compensate when our righteous thoughts are not quite pure enough. Therefore, isn't purifying our righteous thoughts the first and foremost thing that we should do? We are Dafa particles, and our mission is safeguarding the Fa of the cosmos. With this in mind, our righteous thoughts will be immensely powerful.

3. My understanding of "diamond-like solidity of the mind"

When we understand and know what we should do as a whole, just do it and think of nothing else. For example, at present we are eliminating the evil elements that control the head of the evil. Just do it according to Master's Fa-rectification verses and with the state of mind of Dafa particles' safeguarding Dafa, regardless of when or where we do it. Let's think about it: if we always think of how to get closer to do it, how can our minds be calm and our righteous thoughts be pure when we send forth righteous thoughts? Dafa disciples of the Fa-rectification period should be solid like diamond and nothing can affect their minds, then in this way the mighty power of Dafa can manifest itself. You may say we will not let the head of the evil do so and so in a certain country. This is also a human mentality and an attachment. The power of the Fa can at any time banish the head of the evil "into the Gate of No-Life," because in the midst of the Fa any evil can be crushed easily. However, it will not work if there are attachments of accomplishing something or other. If you want to eliminate the evil at a certain place and at certain time, this intent itself will already magnify the evil.

When it is time to send forth righteous thoughts or at other times, we do not need to think too much. Let's calm down and study the Fa more. Let's purify and solidify our righteous thoughts as Dafa particles. The righteous thoughts of diamond-like solidity are the true weapons to eliminate the evil.

4. Take a middle course and let our gong merge into one whole, indestructible body

Master said in the "Fa-lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A." "But it's been a long time since you started sending forth righteous thoughts. The evil beings that have been eliminated are really many. From another perspective, since how well each person does in the process of his cultivation, his improvement and his understanding, and how well he does in the Fa-rectification is directly related to his own cultivation and also directly related to the level he has elevated to. Master cannot require too much of you. I'm only telling you its importance. How far a person wants to cultivate to and what realm a person wants to reach are his own business. Master can only tell you the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts."

My understanding is that although fundamentally our indestructible, diamond-like solid righteous thoughts are the true weapons used in eliminating the evil, they come from each practitioner's long process of cultivation, and this is not achieved easily or casually. Therefore, we should not go to the extremes. For example, when individual practitioners have not yet reached the state of purity, the opportunity for sending forth righteous thoughts from a close proximity can play a role of compensation and should not be missed. On the other hand, for those practitioners who do go to other countries, they should not hold the attachment of going there to eliminate the evil. Just do what Dafa particles should do, without intent. To put it in other words, we should carry out what we should do with diamond-like solid, righteous thoughts, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated," and "The Fa rectifies heaven and earth; immediate retribution in this lifetime."

The state of mind of those who plan to go to a certain country or those who plan to stay should be one and the same, and the unity lies in our sending forth righteous thoughts. Apart from this, we should not be concerned about anything else, such as time, location and so on. As long as the evil is still not completely eliminated, we should keep on eliminating it with the righteous thoughts of fulfilling our sacred mission of assisting Master in Fa-rectification. By doing so our gong will merge together, displaying the pure, righteous power of the Fa and the power of us being one body.

5. Do our duty well and realize Master's wish

Master said in the "Fa-lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.," "I think these three things are all I'll talk about. One is your Fa-study, one is sending forth righteous thoughts, and the other is about how clarifying the truth is extremely important. Actually, you've already made it through and done all of these magnificent things, and you've already established this type of mighty virtue. But you should do things even better, and you should continue on until the evil is completely eliminated. When you have all the people of the world, and all the people of China, see this evil drama for what it is, could the evil still have any effect? It will collapse... It's just that right now the old evil forces think that Dafa disciples have not yet been completely tempered and become mature and need to be tempered further, and they think that they still need to keep up the evil. Of course, the old evil forces want to do this, but I don't recognize these things one bit. It's only before my Fa-rectification arrives that they can act as they do." I realized that as long as we Dafa practitioners do well in what we should do, fulfill our duty and live up to the xinxing standard required of us by the Fa, then as Master says, "when the Fa rectifies the human world it would be peaceful - there wouldn't have been this evil drama, people would all be studying the Fa, humankind's morality would be rising, and when the force of Fa-rectification came it would still be peaceful." ("Fa-lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.")

Please kindly point out anything improper in my understandings.