(Clearwisdom.net) According to reports from Dayoo.com on June 6, the near-infrared camera and multi-object spectrometer on the NASA Hubble Space Telescope penetrated through a nebula in the making to shoot the image of a cluster of dense interstellar dust called cone nebula. We can see from the image with the ground as background that the nebula is cone-shaped.

The cone nebula is located about 2500 light years away. It is in the stormy and unstable period of formation. The cone nebula has been illuminated by radiation from bright stars in these pictures for millions of years. This camera and spectrometer system on the Hubble Space Telescope is able to penetrate the outer interstellar dust to shoot the 3 dimensional images inside and has discovered a few new stars. Scientists are still not clear whether those stars are hiding behind the nebula or deeply buried in the nebula. The four bright stars forming a straight line are considered to be located in front of the cone nebula.