Case 1 - Retribution for Compiling and Presenting Publications Defaming Falun Dafa

In 1999 Li Changhe, a resident of Gangnan Village, Gangtun Township, Lianshan District, Huludao City, Liaoning Province, compiled slanderous publications and presented them at a celebration for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The township government sponsored the event, and his presentation was also broadcasted on the local television news. On May 8 of the following year, Li Changhe suddenly became ill and died the next day.

Case 2 - Policemen Receive Retribution For Kidnapping and Profiteering

Since July 20, 1999, the policemen at Yangshulin police station in Nongan County, Liaoning Province, have frenetically persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. Just a few of their methods include kidnapping, forcibly arresting practitioners without warrants, confiscating property from many households without court orders and extorting enormous amounts of money at will. With their evil deeds, they brought retribution upon themselves. In 2001, during a police car crash, two of these policemen died and one was injured.

Case 3 - Retribution Suffered by Policemen for Gang-Rape and Extortion

In March 2002, police officers from Changchun City went to the Yangshulin Police Station, Nongan County, Liaoning Province and arrested several policemen, including Li Jinchang, Zhang Yaming, Jiang Xingzhou, and Wu. It was well known that the arrested policemen had committed many heinous crimes against practitioners, some of them in broad daylight. These evil men had kidnapped the wife of villager Xin Dehui and gang-raped her. They had also extorted money from the villagers who practiced Falun Gong. When the residents of Yangshulin County heard of the arrests, they celebrated justice having been served.