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Seen in Other Dimensions: At the Moment of Great Difficulty, Maintain Unwavering Righteous Belief and Remain Unshakable

( The head of the evil went to Kazakhstan on June 4, setting the stage for another battle of unprecedented scale between righteousness and evil.

The evil has mobilized every being at its disposal. They gave orders to every level and relayed information, mainly regarding how to allocate their forces to disrupt Dafa disciples. Some deviated beings and demons were playing chess or otherwise entertaining themselves when they suddenly received notice. The demons stopped their amusement, gathered up their weapons and armor, formed long formations and began their interference.

This is a great battle that is shaking the entire cosmos.

Dafa disciples came from very high levels. Each Dafa disciple's body is a giant system made up of one cosmic layer after another. The body is an outer shell, corresponding to the highest level of this system and the most microscopic dimension. Each has a highest king who is in charge of the overall system. The king's conscious main body has already arrived in the human world in the form of a Dafa disciple. When Dafa disciples do well in the three things that Master requires -- studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth -- this is at the same time cleansing and rectifying each disciple's cosmic systems at the highest level. As disciples are doing better and better here on earth, they are making more and more breakthroughs in the higher dimensions. Although Dafa disciples' microcosmic systems are undergoing magnificent changes, the manifestation at the surface of the human level is quite miniscule.

Studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, clarifying the truth -- this is in fact rectifying those enormous systems that correspond to Dafa disciples' bodies.

When the head of the evil returned to Beijing in April, the evil held a wild celebration that lasted for several days. Many times, because there were always disciples whose righteous thoughts were not sufficient at a critical juncture, the evil received the space and replenishment that it needed. Last time the head of the evil was already on the verge of collapse, as the possessing spirits on its body were stiffening by the time it left Iran to return to Beijing. But the evil used the media to spread lies, saying that it had made a successful trip and met with officials after getting off the plane. Even though there were no pictures, the articles came out in print. At the time some Dafa disciples were following the news closely and when they saw this news from the state-run Xinhua News Agency, they thought, "This time it was ineffective again." They had doubt in their hearts. The evil was able to use this one thought to immediately revive itself. At the final moments, the evil is fighting and resisting to the death. Any wavering in the righteous belief in Dafa will give the evil breathing room.

Righteous belief is the key to the mighty power of righteous thoughts. The human brain is merely an instrument, while sending forth righteous thoughts is the function of the divine side and incomprehensible by the human brain. Recently, while we are sending forth righteous thoughts four times a day, Jiang is appearing on TV almost daily. This is the old forces' testing our righteous belief.

Last year during May and June, Dafa disciples sent forth righteous thoughts as a group to eliminate the head of the evil, eliminating the head demon's Primordial spirit and only leaving behind the human skin. At the time the state-run media fabricated news at the last moment, saying that Jiang was meeting with foreign heads of state. Quite a few disciples saw these news items and felt that the righteous thoughts were ineffective. The presence of these thoughts allowed the stiffening corpse to revive itself. Each time, the final stage is very difficult and full of interference aimed at weakening righteous belief. In fact, "the head of the evil" exists in every person's dimensional field -- some practitioners' systems are already free of any element of the evil head's existence, but there are still elements remaining in some practitioners' systems.

Just by having our hearts unaffected, we will be able to handle all situations. Sending forth righteous thoughts serenely is precisely saving sentient beings at various levels of dimensions. Many times, when deviated beings came before me, they were rectified even when I did not invoke any intent. Once, what was originally a crazed, eight-headed monster slowly transformed itself bit by bit. Finally it became a beautiful white pegasus and flew away.

Posting date: 6/6/2002
Original article date: 6/6/2002
Category: Views on Cultivation
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