1. Sending forth righteous thoughts has a miraculous effect.

In a southern county of China, several Falun Dafa practitioners were hanging banners on the night of May 13th to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day. As they unfurled a thirty-foot banner, some plainclothes policemen saw them and circled the building. The practitioners immediately sent forth righteous thoughts together. The police circled the building repeatedly, searching for the practitioners, but failed to find them. The practitioners returned home safely. The banner hung there for three days and deterred the persecuting forces greatly.

2. The amazing audio tape.

A set of audiotapes of Master's Fa Lecture in Jinan (Unofficial Translation) had been damaged after being jammed in the mechanism of the cassette holder several times. Some blocks of the tape had been shredded. A female practitioner took the tape home, where she cut off the deformed blocks and connected the rest together. A miracle happened when she was listening to the tape again. Not a single word was missing, from start to finish, it was all there. When the story spread among practitioners, everyone was greatly encouraged. The non-practitioners who heard the story were amazed as well.