(Clearwisdom.net) In three consecutive days, our revered Master's articles came out one after another, shaking up and moving the disciples to an indescribable degree. I believe this is telling us that a critical moment in the progress of Fa-rectification is upon us. Some fellow practitioners discussed April 25th of 1999 in their recently published articles. The quantity and the density of the evil elements in 1999 were extremely large. Master has borne for us the brunt of it, and its quantity has been greatly reduced as a result of three years of Fa-rectification, especially as a result of being eliminated through disciples' sending forth righteous thoughts. The difficulty that we face today and the effect it has on the entire progress of Fa-rectification cannot be compared to what it was in 1999. However, this is still a critical historic moment and truly another test of whether we disciples can step forward from humanness as a group.

Regarding the head of the evil's trip to Eastern Europe, disciples outside of China have gained a relatively clear understanding through group discussion over the past few days on the web. Many fellow practitioners have quickly reached the standard while overcoming many difficulties. Those fellow practitioners who truly cannot make the trip have also proactively sprung into action, clearly recognizing how they can still whole-heartedly participate as a part of the entire body under the current circumstances. One Fa particle after another has formed a whole body in an orderly fashion. Facing this great battle between good and evil, we feel that we have truly taken hold of the indestructible force granted to us by Dafa.

However, we have overlooked one matter. Over the past week of discussions, many fellow Western practitioners and fellow practitioners inside China have not participated, as if this matter is really only a test for Chinese disciples outside of China. In addition, those fellow practitioners outside China have rarely discussed the issue of how we can form a whole body with the fellow practitioners in China through this event.

This morning after sending forth righteous thoughts I began to do the sitting meditation, and a crystal clear scene appeared in my mind. Fellow practitioners in China held a giant banner that said "Falun Dafa is good," and the number of the practitioners doing this was so numerous that it shocked all of the sentient beings who stood watching them. The solemn scene truly displayed the meaning of an indestructible power. In my tranquil state one thought appeared: "This is the way it should be." After finishing the meditation I remembered this scene but did not think about it deeply until I saw Master's new article, "The Difficult Path to Godhood." Suddenly I came to a brand new understanding. My personal understanding is that the first article, "Entering the Gate of No-Life," Master clearly told us that the time for the evil to enter the Gate of No-Life has been determined. In the second article, "Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions," Master told us that we must not only have righteous thoughts, but we must also have righteous actions. Master further told us about the state that we should achieve in order to do these things well. As the saying goes, "as an image forms in the heavens, it is solidified on earth." In order to re-write history and create the future, we must solidify what is in the heavens using concrete actions. In the third article, "The Difficult Path to Godhood," I saw that Master has already prepared everything for us, but many among us are still limited at the level of a human understanding of the Fa, unable to catch up to the progress of Fa-rectification and still cannot step out of humanness.

Master has said many times in Fa-lectures that the main body of Fa-rectification disciples is in China. In this great change of the cosmic climate, it is unacceptable for us not to think about how fellow practitioners in and out of China can form the image of one whole body. Our revered Master has talked about this clearly, "By July 20th of 1999 I had already pushed all of the pre-July 20 students to their positions -- I pushed you to your highest positions." ("Touring North America to Teach the Fa") My understanding is that at that time we already had the necessary strength to negate the evil's series of tests, but because during cultivation practice we could not step out of humanness, we did not solidify our strength on earth using concrete actions. Even today, the number of those who have stepped forward is still far too few.

My personal understanding is that this is another moment of Fa-rectification for us to break through the old forces' arrangements as a whole body. After the evil forces arranged the trip to Eastern Europe with the excuse of testing disciples outside of China, it is quite feasible that all of the remaining evil is following closely behind the head of the evil. While disciples outside of China are sending forth righteous thoughts from a close distance, the evil forces are being fundamentally restrained. This then creates a relatively safe Fa-rectification environment for fellow practitioners in China. In reality, what Master looks at is just our heart. When the heart has reached the standard, Master can do everything for us. The Gods of the old cosmos who are still following the old Fa principles would also have nothing to object to.

It is not enough for us to merely identify the old forces' arrangements. It is also not enough for some practitioners outside of China to break through the old forces' arrangements. When the entire body of Dafa disciples forms an indestructible, dynamic body and steps forward together out of humanness -- we will become the pure, magnificent Gods as required by the new cosmos -- that is the requirement of the process of Fa-rectification.

There was such an exchange in "Lecture at the Assistants' Fa Conference in Changchun":

Question: In the incident in Beijing and other similar ones, what about those steadfast cultivators who did actual cultivation?

Teacher: "What about those steadfast cultivators who did actual cultivation?" What do you mean by that? It seems that none of us understand what you mean. Do you mean that you didn't participate in it, and that you "steadfastly did actual cultivation"? It sounds like you're trying to find excuses and justifications for missing an opportunity to reach Consummation. You're being crafty even with me. I couldn't have explained the principles any more clearly. Every incident, every occurrence of such magnitude, is the best test and best opportunity for students to make that best step toward Consummation. Some of us were able to step forward. Some felt that they [did the right thing by] not making a move for the sake of actual cultivation. If Consummation is at hand and you still don't move, I wonder what you would do. You don't want to achieve Consummation and only want to cultivate. What are you cultivating for? Aren't you cultivating to reach Consummation? You're actually looking for excuses for yourself, trying to find excuses for another attachment of yours. That's not doing actual cultivation and remaining unaffected. In all other situations of your everyday life, are you truly acting like you're doing actual cultivation and remaining so unaffected?"

In "Digging Out the Roots" Master said, "You cannot always rely on me to bring you up to a higher level while you, yourself do not move. Only after the Fa is explicitly stated do you make a move. If it is not taught clearly, you do not move, or move backward. I cannot recognize such behavior as cultivation practice. At the crucial moment when I ask you to break away from humanness, you do not follow me. Each opportunity will not occur again."

Three years ago, we could still say that we could not step forward from humanness because we did not have a clear understanding of the Fa. Then today, when Master has so clearly taught the Fa to us, shouldn't each of us elevate ourselves accordingly?

These are my personal understandings, I hope my fellow practitioners will kindly point out anything inappropriate.