(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, the Hubble Telescope of NASA detected a beautiful "Space Scenery Painting" -- thousands of new stars are being born in the huge Tarantula Nebula (30 Doradus). The ultra-violet lights and high-speed particles emitted from the new stars form a mosaic picture of creation and destruction.

(1) Near infra-red Image from Hubble Telescope (2) X-ray image from Chandra Observatory

Tarantula Nebula is a secondary planet nebula of our galaxy. The image from Hubble Telescope provided the clearest image of happenings over a vast area inside the nebula. The nebula is a symbol of the birth of new stars.

Though the newly born stars at the center of the nebula are close to us, because most of the new stars are surrounded by gas and dust, we still cannot see them with flesh eyes. But they are discovered by the Near-Infra-Red Multiple Target Camera on Hubble telescope.

During the ten years that Falun Dafa is introduced to the public, especially in recent years, astronomers have found many new stars are being born in a vast range of the universe. The birth of thousands of new stars in Tarantula Nebula indicated that the galaxy we live is also undergoing fundamental changes. Ancient Chinese people believed that the universe and humans are connected. The changes of the human world can be predicted from the change of the universe. So what will be the changes to the human world indicated by the recent changes of the universe? And, what will be the effects brought by the violent renewing of the Tarantula Nebula?


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