(Clearwisdom.net) Chen Meifen, female, was the former coordinator of Zhangzhou City's Falun Gong Assistance Center. She has been harassed since July 22, 1999. People often came to her home to "accompany her" by watching TV and having conversations with her. In other words, they were monitoring her actions. Even her most basic right to privacy was taken away from her. On July 2, 2000, she was illegally arrested and held for practicing the exercises in Zhongshan Park in Zhangzhou City. Later, she was sentenced to six years of imprisonment. Currently she is detained in Fuzhou City's Female prison.

Xu Linlong is a male Falun Dafa practitioner. On July 2, 2000, he went to Zhongshan Park to practice the exercises. He was arrested for hanging a (Falun Dafa) banner on a tree branch. He had heard reports about the truth of Falun Gong from the media outside of China via the radio. Because of this, he was accused of "colluding with foreign organizations." He was illegally sentenced to seven years of imprisonment.

Xu Guotai is a male Falun Dafa practitioner. On July 2, 2000, he went to Zhongshan Park to practice the exercises. A vicious policeman named Liu Wei beat and kicked Xu Guotai while he was practicing the exercises. Other male practitioners were also subjected to beatings. He was charged with "colluding with foreign organizations" for carrying a boom box. Even his defense in court became one of the reasons for sentencing him to a long jail term. He was illegally sentenced to eight years of imprisonment. Currently he is in Mingxi Prison in Fujian Province. In the prison, he was hung up for two days and two nights. His feet were severely swollen, and he was forced to work with injured legs for a long time.

Zhang Huayu is a female Falun Dafa practitioner. She revealed to the Clearwisdom website that Chen Meifen and about twenty other Dafa practitioners were detained and arrested for practicing Falun Gong exercises at Zhongshan Park. Because she exposed this news to the public she was accused of "colluding with foreign organizations" and was illegally sentenced to seven years in jail.

After the story of Chen Meifen and other practitioners who were arrested and detained because of practicing the exercises in the park was reported on the Clearwisdom website, the Zhangzhou "610 Office," police and the judiciary departments became flustered and exasperated. They claimed that their crimes being exposed was "creating a negative impact both inside the country and overseas." It's obvious that they are afraid of being discovered. They also know that they played the most shameful part in this incident. Their criminal conduct completely disregards the laws of China. They have tried in vain to cover up the truth. They are deeply afraid now that their conduct has been exposed.

Shi Sumei, female, went to Beijing to appeal in the beginning of December 1999 with practitioner Chen Yuxian. On Tiananmen Square, they asked the police how to get to the Appeals Bureau. Without giving any valid reason, the police took them to Tiananmen Police Station and detained them. They were later transferred back to Zhangzhou City and detained for one month. During their detention, Zhangzhou City encountered the worst cold snap in several decades. The police gave each practitioner only one straw mat plus an old blanket to sleep with on the cement floor. The meals they were given were very meager. Practitioners were required to pay 400 Yuan for staying there for one month. They had to spend their own money to buy articles for daily use. After Shi Sumei was released she went to visit friends during the Chinese New Year of 2000. She returned at dusk. The police put her under "house arrest" and she was not allowed to leave home. Shi asked for a reason and the police answered that it was an order from above. One day at the end of February, Shi had been cleaning the stairway. Half an hour later, she was taken away by the police on the charge of "violating the law." She was detained for one month. In the beginning of July, Shi Sumei felt she should not have been kept under surveillance at home. She left her apartment to buy food. She was detained later that day and sent to Pinghe Detention Center where the conditions were adverse. She was released after she protested with a hunger strike for 15 days. After she returned home she was detained again because she went to visit Dafa practitioner Chen Yuxian. Shi again protested with another hunger strike for six days and was released. This unjustifiable "surveillance at home" lasted for eight months, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day. During this period she was not able allowed to work. Therefore, she could not meet her basic living expenses. The people who carried out the surveillance mostly watched TV and talked while in Shi's home. This had seriously violated her family members' lives.

Chen Yuxian is another female Dafa practitioner. She went to Beijing to appeal in 1999 with Shi Sumei. She experienced the same thing as Shi. During the Chinese New Year of 2000, she took her daughter to visit friends and relatives. She was placed under house arrest by the police upon returning home. One day in July, Chen felt there was no valid reason to be under surveillance, so she walked outside. As a result, she was detained and put into a detention center. After eight days of hunger striking, Chen was released but kept under surveillance. This surveillance did not end for more than six months. Even though she was not under house arrest anymore, the police strictly limited the location and time of Chen Yuxian's activities. In late September, policemen Lin Ruijin and Liu Wei came to her home to harass her. Liu Wei slapped Chen forcibly in the face when Chen tried to protect a tape recording from being confiscated. In the beginning of January, she took two pieces of truth clarifying materials and showed them to people. As a result she was arrested immediately. Chen protested with a hunger strike and ten days later she was released. However, one month later, she was suddenly sent to Taiyu Provincial Female Forced Labor Camp in Fuzhou City for forced labor. When Chen's mother went to the police department, the written orders indicated that her detention was to be one year of "class study."

Chen was detained alone in a cell in Fuzhou City's Forced Labor Camp. An inmate was used to monitor her. Chen was forced to wear high heel shoes and was not allowed to lean against the wall, nap or relax her body. Otherwise, they would extend the forced labor term of the person watching her. The camp used this method to force other inmates to assist in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

Lin Liping was the former deputy coordinator of Zhangzhou City's Falun Gong Assistance Center. Since July 22, 1999, she was often harassed at home. Her personal ID was confiscated for no reason. In March 2000, without any basis or lawful procedure, the police put her under house arrest. She was monitored 24 hours a day, and was followed to and from work. The police also sent people to her home to watch and harass her. These people watched television and chatted in her home while they were there. Lin's privacy was invaded. In June, because their house was to be demolished, Lin rented an apartment near her work place to move into. Before she even moved her furniture in, the landlord decided to terminate the contract. The local police had talked with the landlord and her boss many times. The police said that if the house were rented to Lin, it would be a threat to public security. The police threatened the landlord in a variety of ways. Lin's family had no choice but to move back to the house that was going to be demolished soon. After going through all these tribulations, her 80-year-old grandmother experienced a lot of fear. Lin Liping wrote a letter to the local government and police authorities but no one paid any attention to her.

Huang Ronghe was a former coordinator of Zhangzhou City's Falun Gong Assistance Center. He was considered to be an excellent judge. Because he was persistent in cultivating Falun Gong, he was suspended from work, investigated and expelled from the Communist Party. Now, he is often followed.

The people and incidents mentioned above are only a fraction of the number of practitioners in the Zhangzhou area who are being persecuted.


May 22, 2002