Falun Dafa practitioner Liang Guoman, male, 31 years old, is a resident of Liangdong Team, Liangzhangzi Village, Qiuzigou Town, Suizhong County, Liaoning Province. He was illegally sent to Huludao City Forced Labor Camp for a year simply because he persisted in following the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." During his time in the labor camp, because he refused to renounce his belief he was severely beaten and cruelly tortured repeatedly by the police. The policemen poured cold water all over Liang and then used 4 or 5 high voltage electric batons to shock him all over his body. As a result, Liang's private parts were swollen, and he suffered from big blisters on his neck and face. When these blisters split they oozed a yellowish fluid. Some parts of his skin were burned by the electric shocks. Liang had suffered greatly during his one-year detention but by the end of his term he still had not been released. Instead, his term was indefinitely extended. Therefore, to protest this illegal extension Liang started to hold a hunger strike. On the 28th day he was a mere skeleton and blood was coming out of his mouth. The labor camp notified his family to take him home for fear that he might die inside the camp.

After returning home, Liang was still under surveillance. One day, two months after his return, policemen Zhang Xiwen and Duan (last name) of the Suizhong County Public Security Bureau, Wang Wenxue, an official of Qiuzigou Town and Liang Juchen, head of the village forced their way into Liang Guoman's home, handcuffed his hands behind his back and threw him into the police car. At the same time, they seized all the Falun Dafa books, cassettes and tape recorders from Liang's home. On arriving at the police sub-station, Zhang Xiwen and the driver of the police car savagely beat him up for nearly 20 minutes. They punched his head, face and back, and also kicked him until he was black and blue and had a severely swollen face. After this beating, Liang was taken to Suizhong County detention center.

In the detention center, the head of the center whipped Liang with a belt and then punched and kicked him. To resist the persecution Liang began to hold a hunger strike. On the 16th day he started to spit blood and only then was he released.

Fifteen days after he was released, Wang Yuanchen of the Suizhong County Public Security Bureau, Liu Zhijie, Deputy Director of Qiuzigou Town, Chen Guang of the police sub-station and Liang Juchen, Head of the village forced their way into Liang's home without warning. They pushed Liang to the ground, handcuffed him and beat him up while dragging him to the police car. Liang refused to cooperate and then both Wang and Chen seized Liang's head by the hair and slammed it hard against the wall. After he was severely beaten up he was thrown into the police car. When Liang's father, who is over 60 years old, went up to stop them, the deputy director of the town, Liu Zhijie, grabbed the elderly man and forced him to the ground. When Liang's father got back up he was pushed down to the ground again. These actions made him feel hopeless and so he could only watch as his son was beaten up and taken away. After Liang was taken to the police sub-station he was beaten up again. Liu and Wang punched and kicked his head until he was half unconscious. He was then taken into a police car together with another female practitioner and the two of them were handcuffed together. On their way to the detention centre, Liu was just like a madman as he continuously tortured them. He punched their faces, heads and other parts of their bodies. As a result, Liang had a bloody nose and a swollen face. The beating only stopped once they arrived at the detention center.

Liang was kept in the detention center for only one day and was then illegally sent to Huludao forced labor Camp where he was sentenced to three years of so called "re-education." After 30 days of staging a hunger strike to protest against his persecution, Liang started to spit blood. On seeing this the labor camp notified his family to take him home under the name of "remaining outside the camp to obtain medical treatment." After returning home Liang was still under tight surveillance and wherever he went he was tailed. He was constantly in danger of being detained, beaten up and sent back to the forced labour camp so he was forced to leave home.

List of vicious people:

Suizhong County Public Security Bureau: Wang Yuanchen, a member of the "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] Tel: 86-429-6131231

Qiuzigou Town Police Sub-station of Suizhong County: Tel: 86-429-6940003

Secretary of the Qiuzigou Town, Suizhong County: Tel: 86-429-6940001