In the early morning of May 22, eye-catching Falun Dafa banners were hung on two big trees on a street near Liulitun, Chaoyang district, Beijing city. People doing morning exercises or on their way to work all slowed down to look at them. Thirty minutes later, police came to the site and, surrounded by over a hundred people chatting with each other, took them down.

On the night of May 23, I was in a taxi. I asked the driver, "Why are there so many police today?" The driver said, "The night before yesterday, Falun Gong practitioners hung banners on the street. Police are patrolling now. I really admire the courage of Falun Gong practitioners. Nowadays, who dares to stand up for justice and point out the government's mistake? No one. But they do! No one cares for the common people anymore. Ours is a corrupt government!" As I left, the driver told me secretly, "Let me tell you, Jiang is afraid of Falun Gong. Sooner or later Falun Gong will succeed!" I handed him truth-clarification materials. He took them and said smiling, "It is unbelievable! Under such a harsh environment, there are still lots of people believing in Falun Gong. It seems Falun Gong makes sense."