Yuanshi County, Hebei Province

Perpetrators who persecute Dafa practitioners received retribution, as listed below:

Gu Jilian, over 50 years old, was Xijia Village's security chief in Yuanshi County, Hebei Province. Because he slandered Dafa and persecuted Dafa practitioners, he died in August 2001. His successor, Zhang Lingang, over 40 years old, was actively involved in kidnapping Dafa practitioners. Four days after the Chinese New Year in 2002, his 40-year-old wife Zhang Sujun suffered a stroke and is paralyzed to this day.

Nanzuo Village's former Party head Zhang Huanlou, over 50 years old, spread rumors about Dafa when he picked up local practitioners who appealed in Beijing. In the spring of 2000, he suffered a stroke.

Villager Zhao Heixiao of Nansu Village, 50 years old, made ferocious comments about Falun Dafa and Teacher. In January 2001, he suffered a stroke due to exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning and became paralyzed. Medical bills amounted to over10, 000 Yuan. Later, he regretted what he had done and asked his wife (a Dafa practitioner) to read the book Zhuan Falun to him. Now his physical and mental health have gradually recovered.

Liu Qiaoying, wife of Dafa practitioner Wang Jinfa, 40 years old, made nasty comments toward Dafa and Teacher in the Spring of 2001 when her husband was being persecuted. In June 2001, she had a stroke. Later she expressed sorrow for what she had done. Her health is now getting better.

The mother-in-law of Dafa practitioner Liu Junfang cursed at practitioners and badmouthed Dafa. In April 2002, while cleaning a water tank, she fell and suffered an injury. Now she still can neither walk nor take care of herself.

Zhang Xueying is the brother of Dafa practitioner Zhang Xuejun, 30 years old. He cursed at Dafa and practitioners and beat his younger (practitioner) brother. As a result, in the early spring, he had a strange disease: his tongue atrophied and he could not speak anymore. His medical bill was more than 10,000 Yuan.

Associate Yuanshi County Commissioner Wang Jianbin, over 50 years old, is in charge of the police department and legal affairs. Because of his involvement in persecuting Dafa, he became seriously ill in the Spring of 2002.

Detention center police guard Zhang Shuxian participated in beating detained practitioners in 2001, and soon after he was injured in a motorcycle accident. Later he expressed remorse and gained positive understanding of Dafa. He was transferred out of the detention center.

Wuhan, Hubei Province

Wang Anhe, a thug who worked at a brainwashing class struggled with practitioners to confiscate copies of Teacher's articles. Right after that, his blood pressure shot up and he had a heart attack. Several days later, he was injured in a car accident and lost his ability to work.

Police officer Yu Guoqiang had a habit of badmouthing Dafa. Recently, his wife became severely ill and died.

Qin Yuxian actively assisted the evils in their persecution of Dafa practitioners. She now has breast cancer.

Tianjin City

At Liangguan Village, Xiawuqi Township, in the suburb of Tianjin, a man was tearing down Dafa truth clarification flyers and made some very disrespectful comments about Dafa. No sooner had he finished his attacks, when he dropped dead in front of a big crowd. This event was widely known in the area. Many people were shocked.

A college dormitory

Since July 20, 1999 (the day the official persecution against Falun Dafa began), college roommates were deceived by the evils. One day the two students said some disrespectful words against Dafa. A few minutes later, they both felt uncomfortable in their throats; they coughed and were in pain. They realized that they had received immediate retribution.