May 25, 2002


The following is an account of what Xiao Xuan saw recently in other dimensions:

When we were practicing the sitting meditation, Xiao Xuan saw three spaceships from Mars fly over to us. Over a dozen green monsters that looked like cockroaches came out of the spaceship. They wanted to insert some kind of "organic growth" into our bodies and kidnap us. Xiao Xuan recited the formula to eliminate evil and something that looked like bug-spray immediately appeared. The monsters were instantly turned into a black powder. Only three were able to run away. The spaceships blew up when Xiao Xuan pulled off a piece of lotus flower petal and threw it toward them.

Another time when we were practicing the sitting meditation, there was an evil clown making faces and movements, constantly interfering with Xiao Xuan. Xiao Xuan finally lost his temper. He then started to recite the formula to eliminate evil and threw Falun at the evil clown, but it did not work. He used up most of the lotus flower petals he had trying to eliminate the evil clown. Finally, he threw one of the petals into the clown's mouth. The lotus petal made the evil clown choke and run away.

The first time Xiao Xuan's mind was very righteous. Since he only wanted to save everyone, his righteous thoughts were very strong, and their effects were very powerful. Simply repeating the Fa-rectification formula once was enough to destroy the evil from outer space. The other time, he sent righteous thoughts after losing his temper, so his supernormal abilities were not effective. We realized from this that when we send righteous thoughts, we must keep a pure and kind mind. When our minds are pure and kind, the power of righteous thoughts is unstoppable.

Afterwards, while Xiao Xuan was sitting in meditation another time, he saw practitioners in many countries sitting in circles, practicing the exercises. Large fashen (Master Li's law bodies) were present in the center of the circles. There were new practitioners constantly joining the groups and therefore the circles for different countries were expanding. There were practitioners from the U.S., Taiwan and many other countries. Practitioners from China formed the largest group but Xiao Xuan could see that a dark substance overshadowed them. Our bodies in another dimension were huge, radiating golden light and continuously spinning. The color of our bodies constantly changed from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. They were becoming more and more transparent and beautiful. Practitioners appeared to be elevating as a whole and getting further away from the solar system.