• I saw a group of teenagers posting signs reading "Falun Dafa Is Good" on a bulletin board. I asked the young man who was leading them, "Do you practice Falun Gong?" He said, "No, I do not, but I believe that Falun Dafa is good, and I know that malicious people have wrongfully treated Falun Gong practitioners. I explained to my classmates that it's all slander and defamation on TV. Many of my classmates were initially deceived but now I have convinced them all. So, after a few of us got together, we decided to come forward to appeal for Falun Gong. We made all these signs ourselves and we post them on bulletin boards for all to see."
  • Wuhu City, Anhui Province taxi drivers went on strike during the Tea Expo held there in mid-May. The police went all out to arrest drivers who were on strike. One person overheard policemen saying that the Falun Gong practitioners had organized the strike. He was shocked since he knew the strike had nothing to do with Falun Gong. Suddenly he became aware that this was an example of how the government has defamed Falun Gong all along!
  • The words "Falun Dafa Is Good" were painted on walls in many areas of a residential district. Quite a number of the local residents had seen the signs and the neighborhood became abuzz with talk about them. Police came and asked residents to provide water to wash off the words. No one gave the policemen even one drop of water, so they ended up leaving, utterly flabbergasted. [Note: Without access to any typical means of communication such as newspapers, magazines, TVáor radio, Falun Gong practitioners have resorted to many creative and sometimes unusual methods for raising awareness among Chinese people about the persecution.]
  • A Falun Gong practitioner ran across an old friend, a non-practitioner. His friend said, "When I saw the anti-Falun Gong programs on TV accusing Falun Gong of causing the self-immolations and murders, I always came away feeling that the stories were full of holes. After I analyzed the contents of the programs, I discovered that what was broadcast was totally different from the true situation. It's all a sham, then, isn't it? I often try and correct people who say bad things about you. I can see that you are all good people."