Since the Jiang regime began persecuting Falun Gong, many practitioners have been kidnapped and detained at the Chatou Women's Detention Center in Guangzhou City. In order to force practitioners to give up practicing, policemen in the Women's Detention Center have illegally applied both hard and soft tactics without being able to change practitioners' firm intention to practice Dafa. For Falun Gong practitioners who firmly maintain their beliefs, policemen not only apply all kinds of illegal persecuting measures but also list them as "red card" personnel so as not to release them when their term has expired.

Currently, among the firm practitioners who are being illegally detained there, some are more than a year beyond their original detention term. Some were abducted and detained against their will in the brainwashing center over a year after their original term had expired.

We have recently heard that officers in Guangzhou City plan to send them secretly to the Northwest for long-term detention. Some female practitioners who are being held beyond the original detention term are about to go on a hunger strike to protest. Their situation is extremely difficult. We hope that all fellow practitioners and people in society will pay attention to their situation and help them regain their freedom as soon as possible.

Partial list of practitioners being held at the detention center:

Name Illegal Labor Camp Term (year) Term Expiration Date
01 Wu Xiuhua 1 2001/6
02 Tan Shaowei 1 2001/7
03 Guo Yafen 2 2001/11
04 Wang Yuqing 2 2001/12
05 Shen Li 2 2001/12
06 Wang Huimin 1 2001/12
07 Deng Shaoxia 2 2002/2
08 Deng Shujuan 2 2002/6
09 Yan Haiyu 2 2002/6
10 Wang Ying 2 2002/6
11 Li Qiong 2 2002/7
12 Chen Hua 2 2002/7
13 Tang Yiwen 2 2002/8
14 Xie Yan 2 2002/10
15 Yu Weiming 2 expired
16 Xiong Yulan 2 expired
17 Luo Jiangying 2 expired
18 Tang Fulan 1 re-arrested after release
19 Ma Jianrong 2 re-arrested after release
20 Zou Yuyun 1 sent to Huangpu for brainwashing after being detained for 2 years
21 Dai Yongmei 1 detained for 2 years, released and re-arrested
22 Li Hongling sent to Huangpu for brainwashing after detention term had expired
23 Han Weizhe 2
24 Zhou Meilin 2
25 Shen Jianing 2
26 Chen Hua 3
27 Si Bing 3
28 Li Miaolian 3
29 Hu Yingxia 3
30 Deng Xiaoyan
31 Zhong Lanqing
32 Wu Yin'en
33 Wu Hua
34 Li Man
35 Xu Juhua