• Heavy rain lasted for many consecutive days in Hunan Province, with floodwaters rising up and over 91 levees totaling some 1548 kilometers in length in the vicinity of Dongting Lake. Floodwaters have reached danger levels along another 42 levees protecting some 456 kilometers of waterfront. The main branch of the Xiang River has risen above warning levels for over 670 kilometers of its length, with three areas reaching flood levels. The heavy rain has seen rapidly rising water levels and flooding along other forks of the Xiang River and the Lishui River. The loss of lives and property is huge. This kind of disaster has not been seen since 1962.
  • Heavy rainfall has resulted in disaster conditions in the southern mountain areas of Shaanxi Province. The majority of the towns in Zhenba County are suffering from widespread power outages. Telephone and other means of communication have been cut off to Changlin Town. Roads, bridges, dikes and houses have been destroyed in Pingan Village, Guangyin Village, Bamiao Village, etc. Weather forecasts call for more rain in upcoming days, which could make the situation even more severe.
  • Partial areas in Chongqing City were hit by the heavy rain. Almost 20 centimeters (over 5 inches) of rain has fallen in some regions. One person is missing. The weather forecast predicts heavy rain over the next 24 hours. The relevant departments have issued an urgent notice and asked everyone to be prepared for flooding.
  • China's weather department forecasted that the majority of the country's northern areas would face another heavy flood. Provinces along the three major rivers (Changjiang, Huanghe, and Zhujiang) are preparing and urging all citizens to be ready to pitch in with flood prevention efforts.
  • Since June 19th, the largest floods appeared in Hengyang City, Zhuzhou City, Xiangtan City, Changsha City in Hunan Province. The water levels of Dongting Lake at Chenglingji, Yuanshui, Zishui, Lishui areas all went up to some extent. This year, Hunan Province will regulate levels of the ten biggest reservoirs, attempting to mitigate flooding and minimize high water levels. It's anticipated that about 1 billion cubic meters of water will be retained in the reservoirs.
  • The Changjiang River water level at Wuhan City has recently been rising at a rate of about 0.2 meter every day and is approaching flood danger levels.
  • In the early part of June, heavy rain fell constantly in the lower and middle reaches of the Changjiang River, as well as in southwestern, northwestern and southern areas of the country. Disastrous floods have caused serious damage and the loss of life and property. According to statistics, the number of people who are currently in disaster areas is about 100 million and the economic loss exceeds 10 billion Yuan.
  • Flooding, landslides, mud and rock flows caused by the heavy rains in Xinjiang Province have killed 17 people. 28 counties and cities are affected. The losses are especially great in 8 counties of Hegu and Yili cities. Since this spring, there have been 12 heavy rainfalls in Xinjiang Province. Both the precipitation and the duration of the rainfalls have been breaking longstanding records.