"The third thing is your sending forth righteous thoughts. These are the three things that Dafa disciples need to do at present. Sending forth righteous thoughts is another really magnificent thing for our Dafa disciples. This overwhelming persecution of Dafa, of Dafa students, and of the world's people that has happened since July 20th of 1999 is unprecedented. In history, the persecutions of Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions were never this evil. Back then there weren't massive media apparatuses like these, transportation means weren't advanced, either, and persecutions were limited to small regions. Today, China's area is vast, and the number of sentient beings who've been victimized is very large--in China alone more than a billion people have been directly victimized. But this persecution isn't limited to just China. This persecution is actually worldwide--the slander has poisoned people's minds the world over. Meanwhile, the lies and propaganda that have blanketed the earth have put enormous pressure on Dafa disciples. ...... When Dafa disciples send forth righteous thoughts, pure and righteous thoughts, to clean out the evil's persecution of them, that's allowed--the old Fa-principles include principles like that as well. This is the same idea as approaching cultivation with righteous thoughts, or as saving sentient beings with righteous thoughts." ("Touring North America to Teach the Fa")


In Iceland, many people saw this peculiar scene in the sky and took photos of it on the evening of June 12, 2002. They were published in the Icelandic newspaper DV on June 13.

I. Policemen of Lithuania

When I distributed Dafa flyers in Lithuania, I met policemen on duty in the streets and in their police cars. I would put one in their hands, and they always accepted it politely with a smile.

A Swedish practitioner was taking a walk near the church that Jiang was visiting. A policeman came up and asked her what she was doing. The practitioner answered: "If I were in China, without your protection, I would be sent to prison, even tortured to death." That policeman heard this and did not force her to leave, but smiled knowingly.

According to Lithuania's official regulations, wherever Jiang showed up, there was a safety zone. Whoever entered this zone was violating the regulation. On the morning of June 17, at 10 o'clock, the President of Lithuania met with Jiang. They were taking strict precautions, as police surrounded an area 75 meters in diameter. Another practitioner and I sent forth righteous thoughts from a long bench. Afterwards, we found that we were inside in the safety zone, but the police did not disturb us.

Here it is not necessary to apply for a permit if the activity involves less than 9 people. Everyone followed the rule voluntarily. We wore yellow T-shirts, held small flags and distributed flyers everywhere on the street. Most of the passers-by accepted the flyers and read them carefully. A lot of flyers were distributed in a short time, and the police never interrupted our activities. We were happy from the bottom of our hearts - as the Lithuanian people will have great fortune and happiness.

II. The Evil Had Nowhere to Go

Master said in "Touring North America to Teach the Fa": "Through sending forth righteous thoughts for a period of time, you have cleaned out large quantities of those evil factors. Now when you send forth righteous thoughts, your gong has to search all over for those evil things." It is really like that. Wherever Jiang went, dark clouds rolled in, the sky and earth were dark, an evil wind blew, or heavy rain poured down. This time in Lithuania, sometimes predestined persons would tell us Jiang's schedule, but due to the obstacle of language, we could not always understand their spoken or written words. We could only understand their rough meaning. But we learned two things from experience: first, wherever we saw policemen dispersed in large numbers, we would go there; second, wherever it was covered with dark clouds, we would go there.

Once, several of us walked and walked, and found that there were fewer and fewer policemen. We didn't think we were going in the wrong direction. Then, as soon as we arrived, there were dark clouds over our heads and there were strict precautions in place. We began holding our palms erect and sending forth righteous thoughts. As soon as Jiang's motorcade left, the rain stopped and the weather was fine. It became sunny and bright in the sky immediately. It can be seen that there is really much less evil now and they can only maintain a little bit around Jiang.

III. Meeting with a Chinese delegation

Riga is the capital of Latvia, and is the biggest and busiest city in the three countries, including Estonia and Lithuania.

On the morning of June 10, I walked on the street of the Old City alone. I suddenly saw 7-8 Chinese with staff badges on their chest. I thought they must be from a Chinese delegation.

I walked towards them: "Are you from China? I came from Canada." After several words, I talked about Falun Gong. Some of them immediately showed their uneasiness. A young leader stopped me from speaking with crude words and asked the delegation members to leave quickly. At that time, I saw a middle-aged man looking at me with a pair of yearning eyes. I walked over to talk with him. Then, the leader came again to intervene. I hesitated and slowed my pace down. But words from my heart asked: "Will I give up like this? All sentient beings were waiting for us to save them, how could I give up so easily like this." Then I thought I should go look for them.

I saw them sitting in a van, and I went directly to the door and began clarifying truth. When I once again saw that pair of eyes of the middle-aged man watching me, my heart was moved. I said: "I am speaking to you from my heart. I know it is very painful to live with lies." My tears streamed down my face. I said to the leader: "I understand you very well." He immediately answered: "I can understand you very well, too."

The van started. The middle-aged man sitting in the back stared at me for a long time behind the glass. I knew he was saying good-bye to me. I had a lot to say and no time to say it, but they could see my heart.