I've often seen articles on Dafa websites that describe what fellow practitioners have seen in other dimensions while sending forth righteous thoughts. This is a reminder to practitioners who do not take sending forth righteous seriously. Since I practice cultivation with my supernormal capabilities locked, so far I've not seen anything in other dimensions. Still, I clearly understand that sending forth righteous thoughts and clearing out the evil is very important. It is required by the Fa. It is Fa-rectification disciples' responsibility and mission. It is Teacher's arrangement for us to cultivate, assimilate into the Fa and rectify the Fa.

If we fail to calm down when we purify our own dimensions, if we happen to let various distracting episodes surface when we try to get rid of the evil steadfastly with righteous thoughts--isn't this interference by the evil old forces and demons? Isn't this telling us the importance and necessity of sending forth righteous thoughts? When we sit down to erect our palms and recite the verses, some bad memory from several years ago or some bad notions clearly display themselves in our heads, or some job-related problems are exaggerated to become so important and pressing that we can't wait to make a phone call to take care of it... And when we realize it, the set time for sending forth righteous thoughts has passed. Anything that doesn't comply with the Fa and refuses to assimilate to the Fa is something that resists, obstructs and damages the Fa. If we don't get rid of it, we as practitioners will not meet the standard; hence everything associated with us will not meet the standard.

Some fellow practitioners including myself have had this similar experience: at the beginning we could not quiet down when sending forth righteous thoughts, and therefore we were slack while sending forth righteous thoughts, thinking that the effect wouldn't be good. Isn't this going along with the old forces' wishes and giving up purifying ourselves, giving up cultivating ourselves, not assimilating into the Fa, and even giving up Fa-rectification? My understanding is that we should first take sending forth righteous thoughts seriously and be persistent in doing it. It is all right not to be able to see anything. Believe in the Fa firmly. Failing to see anything does not mean that the effect is not good. We still have to do it even if we don't have a clear understanding, for it is clearly required by the Fa. First follow the Fa's requirement to send forth righteous thoughts, and the more we do it the clearer it will become. Combining sending forth righteous thoughts with consistent Fa-study, we'll be able to deter interference, send forth righteous thoughts steadfastly, calm down internally, clear out the evil, and recognize its importance and magnificence. This is Fa-rectification, this is cultivation.

In the course of Fa-rectification, we are all anxious to destroy the evil that damages Dafa as soon as possible. We want to completely put an end to the evil's persecution toward Dafa and Dafa practitioners, so that all sentient beings can wake up from the deception that they are under and understand the Fa correctly and positively. Yet some of us have failed to recognize the evil clearly and sweep it away immediately when it came interfering with us. Instead we went along with the evil's arrangement and let it poison us, poison sentient beings and damage the Fa-rectification. It's high time that we wake up completely.