Continue to Rectify the Fa until the Last Breath

Three female practitioners lost their lives as a result of these atrocities: Li Xiuqin, Zhang Yulan, and Zhao Yayun. Eight female practitioners were sent to the hospital unconscious: Pan Xuanhua, Xu Lihua, Hao Yuzhu, Zhang Yuhua, Yang Xiuli, Wang Fang, and Gao Shuyan. Four conscious female practitioners were separated and sent to four male teams. They were Han Shaoqin, Zuo Xiuyu, Sun Jie, and Chen Yali.

After the incident took place, officials at the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp were very scared. They were afraid of information leaking out and that the crimes they had committed would be exposed. All the guards had to hand in their cell phones and beepers. In order to prevent the news from spreading, Wu Jinying, the head of the seventh squad, brought the statements signed by practitioners under torture and tore them up in front of those practitioners and the public. Upon hearing that higher authorities were coming to inspect on June 22, they injected those eight practitioners, who had just begun to recover but who were not yet completely conscious, with psychiatric medicine that made them sleep for another 24 hours. They allowed the practitioners to regain consciousness only after the inspectors had left. On June 26, the labor camp again locked these practitioners into small cells despite the fact that they had lost their balance, their extremities were stiff, and their memories were not fully recovered.

At that time, practitioner Shao Ying was resuscitated in the second hospital of the medical university and her life was just out of danger. The labor camp came to take her back. The doctor was administrating fluid to her and told the guard, "Shao Ying is very weak now. The medicine that she is getting is very expensive and she really needs it. I hope that you will wait until the infusion is finished before you take her back." The Wanjia guards did not agree. They pulled out the needle, took her back right away, and threw her into a small cell with eleven of us. The weather was over 30oC (88 oF) then, and the small cell was extremely hot and humid. Female practitioner Pan Xuanhua lost consciousness in the cell and nobody found out until we went to the bathroom that night. If not for the care from her fellow practitioners, another life would have been lost.

In order to protest Wanjia's persecution, practitioners Zhang Guirong, Han Shaoqin, Lin Yongmei, and Chen Yali again held a hunger strike. Wanjia guards brutally tortured them again as they force-fed them. They repeatedly used disposable feeding tubes, often inserting the same tube into one practitioner's nose right after it was pulled out of another practitioner. They added unclean water into the corn soup and intentionally added a lot of salt in order to make us thirsty enough to crave food and water. They stuck the feeding tubes into us twice a day, making our throats and digestive tracts bruised and swollen. Sometimes, they had to try many times to put the tubes in, which often caused our throats and digestive tracts to bleed. The prison doctors often beat us. One time, we saw Doctor Song Shaohui beat practitioner Han Shaoqin to the ground and then drag her into the room. They didn't carry her back to her small cell until 4 a.m. One day, Song punched practitioner Zhang Guirong in the face and made her bite her left cheek. The wound was more than one inch long. She bled a lot and her face was swollen for more than half a month. This time, Zhang was on hunger strike for 55 days and three more of us were on hunger strike for 39 days until the labor camp approved our requests.

In order to cover the truth of the persecution, Wanjia authorities lied to avoid their responsibility. They interrogated, deceived, and intimidated us again and again in an attempt to make us corroborate their lies. A TV station reporter came to Wanjia to interview us in order to deceive the world media. In the beginning, the reporter lied and filmed two practitioners without their knowledge. We found out about this later and refused to cooperate as a group. The interviewers then revealed their true intention and asked the Wanjia police to drag us out of the small cells one by one. Two criminal inmates held each of us and forced us to accept the interviews. They set up the recorders in Wanjia's courtyard, hallways, and inside the rooms. We turned our backs to them and did not allow them to record us. One TV host asked me, "Don't you want to tell the truth? Why do you refuse to talk now that we let you?" I told them, "I do not trust you. For more than two years, besides telling lies, you have not let us say anything openly. No matter what I say, you will edit my words to fabricate lies. Therefore, I will never let you use my image to make lies in order to attack Dafa." In the end, they did not get anything.

Later, some people came and told us that they wanted to investigate the truth of these atrocities and to prosecute the responsible persons. We trusted them and told them the truth. However, we heard later that they secretly recorded the conversation and made a video to attack Dafa. This was a serious lesson. The mouths and tongues of hoodlums and deceivers can only speak lies. We should not believe them no matter how they act.

Because of the strict control in Wanjia, the outside world and other practitioners did not know the details of our 15 practitioners' persecution. Actually, even most of the guards and workers in Wanjia did not clearly know these atrocities. They spread lies, saying that we committed group suicide. One day, the vice-head of the labor camp, Shi Yingbai said in a small cell, "You say that practitioners do not kill lives. Then why are you doing this [hunger strike] as a group?" I openly told him, "If not for your torture and brutal persecution, how could this be happening?" He could not say anything. Another day, Shi said again in a small cell, "You say that you practitioners only speak the truth. But you Falun Gong practitioners are distributing flyers everywhere saying that 15 of you have died. Some people also called us asking for the ashes of your bodies." A practitioner said immediately, "It is all caused by you. You locked us here, so nobody could see us. It is true that 15 people disappeared in Wanjia. However, everyone knows about your crimes. Speaking of false information spreading outside, it was your guards who spread the misinformation. Since 6.20, you have not allowed anyone to visit the practitioners, nor do we have a chance to send messages out." Shi was startled for a while and did not say a word.

We were often persecuted by the guards for persisting in studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and sending forth righteous thoughts. On the one hand, we clarified the truth to them to kindly save them; on the other hand, we eliminated the evil factors behind them in other dimensions. We persisted in studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and sending forth righteous thoughts. After a month, the situation became better. This was the result of the practitioners around the world cooperating and together eliminating the evil factors in other dimensions behind Wanjia. At the same time, we also know that the situation in other squads also became better. Practitioners could study the Fa, do the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts every day.

By the end of July, Wanjia started to release the practitioners whose terms were up, but who had been illegally detained past their sentences. Before "6.20", Wanjia would never release steadfast practitioners. Many practitioners were due or had been detained past their sentences. The sentences of eleven out of twelve had been served. The longest was Zhang Yuhua who had been detained an extra 12 months. On August 9, 2001, Zhang finally was released and nobly walked out of Wanjia concentration camp.

Walk out of Wanjia Concentration Camp and Melt into the Stream of the Fa-Rectification

With the caring and help of the kind and righteous people in the world as well as the calls from the governments of various countries, we 12 survivors all nobly walked out of Wanjia Concentration camp in the beginning of November 2001.

What took place in Wanjia Forced Labor Camp has been recorded for history. After coming out the concentration camp, we soon melted into the spectacular stream of the Fa-rectification in China. Since the Fa-rectification is continuing, we have not finished our final mission as Dafa disciples. Therefore, we shall not relax and shall regard the Fa as our teacher, constantly follow the Fa-rectification process, and do what we should do well.